Monday, March 19, 2012

I saw an Exotic Angel on race day...

No I wasn't going mad and seeing things as I ran the L.A. Marathon yesterday, but after my elation at breaking my Personal Best marathon time and I was hobbling my way back to the car, I chanced upon this angel statue from the Community of Angels public art project.

Exotic Angel statue by Michael Falzone
Exotic Angel sculpture Michael Falzone
This slightly weathered colourful angel sculpture from the early 2000's initiative, covered in L.A.'s distinctive palm trees and sunset, was spotted outside 1524 2nd Street in Santa Monica.
Exotic Angel statue Santa Monica
It's been a while since I've discovered one of these statues from the artistic project, so it was a nice treat.

Be sure to also check out the Travel Angel, the Glittering Angel, the Mzee The Wise Mosaic Angel and more I've previously photographed.
Exotic Angel statue
On a similar theme, I've also spotted a new wave of giant Gibson guitar decorated sculptures appearing along L.A.'s Sunset Strip as part of the GuitarTown public art installation.

More on them soon (once I'm not walking like a zombie from The Walking Dead or a malfunctioning robot)...


Steve said...

I know of at least two others you haven't posted about before, you still searching?

Jason in Hollywood said...

always keen to see more Steve - I'm sure there are many more out there I've not seen!

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