Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The L.A. Marathon remembered and the Hollywood Half Marathon on the horizon...

Just when I thought it was safe to relax, BAM!, the Hollywood Half Marathon is just around the corner.

Hollywood Half Marathon t-shirt and running bib
Hollywood Half shirt and bib
Yes indeed, my race packet arrived in the post with my official race no. #4095.

Running down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills
LA Marathon Jason 2012
Before that though, I learned a valuable lesson recently when buying my official race photos for the L.A. Marathon from Even though they say all your photos are available for download, more can become available over a week later.

Still looking fresh, must be early on
Jason runs LA Marathon 2012
I suppose it's understandable given the sheer volume of runners and photographers throughout the course, but I do wish they'd station some of them earlier in the course when you're not looking so hot, sweaty and exhausted. Fortunately their customer service hotline was very helpful and efficient, so no exhaustive battles there.

The never-ending Veterans' Administration
building section at Mile 21 in Westwood
Jason's LA Marathon 2012
So enjoy these further highlights of my second L.A. Marathon, this time in the sunshine, although I can hardly believe it was only a week and half ago.

Relief at crossing the Finish Line on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica
LA Marathon finish 2012
Meanwhile, still to come, the inaugural Hollywood Half Marathon takes place on Saturday April 7, 2012 and as the name suggests lets you run the infamous Walk of Fame along with other local Hollywood highlights.

My official race time and Personal Record was 3:47:50
LA Marathon 2012 finish
It should be fun, although at the moment although my heart is saying 'Yes', my legs are saying 'No'.

Hopefully today's massage and some rest will help with that...

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