Sunday, March 18, 2012

A new Personal Best at the LA Marathon 2012...

Yes! What a great day and a fantastic marathon result for me today. I beat my Personal Best from last year by almost 10 minutes to finish in 3:47:50.

I'm King of the World (or at least the L.A. Marathon)
LA Marathon Jason 2012
And almost even better, it stayed dry and cool and didn't rain. Even the sun came out. I can't remember too much more about the 26.2 mile race at the moment, think I'm a bit exhausted, but I felt strong and had a great time.

My lovely friends and fellow T2: Team to End AIDS runners
keeping warm at Dodger Stadium before the marathon
T2 Team to End AIDS runners
After an early 3:30 am start, my fellow T2 runners and I huddled together to keep warm at the starting point at Dodger Stadium. We kicked off around 7:25 am and the last of our 200 brave runners crossed the Finish Line around 4:30 pm. Our fastest runner finished in 3:09 - just astounding).
Jason LA Marathon 2012
Aside from the fantastic support along the marathon route, I'd personally like to thank all my friends, family and supporters who donated to my fundraising efforts which have now amounted to over $2,500 and collectively as a group over $320,000 to benefit AIDS Project L.A.
Running through Mile 15
LA Marathon Jason Mile 15
Thank you Charlie & Cooper, Mum & Dad, Lee, Julie, Lauren & Evan, Gareth, Simon, Helen, Hannah, Jo, Caroline, Mike, Jose, Tom, Richard, Marci, Doug & Tim, Barry, Tom, Jeremy, Brad & Casey, Craig, Gavin, Matt & Thomas, Trey, Justin, Joe & Les, Jay and Stephen at, plus the gift-matching schemes at Disney and Microsoft.

After the Finish Line in a blustery but sunny Santa Monica
Post-marathon Santa Monica
One of the highlights of the marathon today was just before Mile 15 when I ran past my partner Charlie and our pup on the corner of my street.

Charlie had made a special sign to cheer me and my T2 teammates on and our Labrador Cooper jumped up and gave me a big slobbery and toothy kiss. As you can imagine I was overwhelmed with emotion and it brought more than a few tears to my eye.
Congratulations banner
I received another lovely surprise upon arriving home to find this 'Congratulations' banner downstairs and then upstairs in the bathroom these decorations and treats (I've been off alcohol for two weeks) to help take my mind off my inevitable ice-bath.

Charlie's homemade sign and decorations
Post-marathon celebration
I'll leave you with a taste of what it takes to run a marathon and beat your Personal Best, a nice double blister on your little toe (not to mean walking like a crab up and down the stairs).
No gain without pain
Double toe blister
And here's what today was really about, the official 2012 L.A. Marathon medal and t-shirt.

And the medal goes to...
2012 LA Marathon medal and t-shirt
I can't wait to see all the official race photos, they should tell a whole different story...

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