Friday, March 16, 2012

Race packet pick-up at the LA Marathon Expo 2012...

It's nearly here and today was another marathon tradition, race packet pick-up.

Jason at the L.A. Marathon Expo 2012
Jason LA Marathon EXpo 2012Like deja vu I headed off to Dodger Stadium to pick up my all-important race bib and commemorative L.A. Marathon running shirt.
LA Marathon Expo 2012
I'm #7854 so look for me and cheer if you see me along the marathon route on Sunday.
LA Marathon Honda car namesHonda the official sponsor of the L.A. Marathon had their fantastic cars again this year with all the participants names printed over them. It's a fun touch and nice to see your name recognized this way.

Jason in Hollywood's name immortalised in print
LA Marathon Expo JasonHonda car LA Marathon
The weather today was gloomy and a taste of what's may be in store for us this weekend. I'm hoping that the rain comes early on Friday night and Saturday, so we only have light rain this year during the race.

Dodger Stadium
Dodger Stadium
It's always quieter at the Expo on the Friday than the Saturday and it was spooky to see the empty lanes of the starting corrals. It really does bring home that the marathon is only another two sleeps away.

Empty L.A. Marathon start
LA Marathon empty start corrals
I checked out what the Expo had to offer and I was desperate to find a medal holder that a friend had previously bought there, but to no avail (I'm amassing quite a race medal collection so I want to be able to show them off).

T2: Team to End AIDS runners Molly and Jason
LA Marathon Expo fun
What I did have was lots of laughs with my T2 teammate, Molly, seeing what free goodies the exhibitors were sampling (as well as looking for fun photo opportunities).
LA Marathon route wallLA Marathon route wall fun
Hopefully the 26.2 mile course will be as easy to traverse as getting from one side of this marathon route map to the other.
LA Marathon Have a great race
After the Marathon Expo it was time to head to our team carb-load Triumph Dinner (for making it this far and raising around $325,000 for AIDS Project L.A.) for some essential race preparation and morale boosting.

And all that's left to be said is I hope we all have a great race on Sunday...

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