Sunday, March 25, 2012

There's Something Happening Here and Moms Not Bombs GuitarTown 2012 designs...

There's certainly something happening along Sunset Strip in West Hollywood and that's the return of the musically inspired public art installation, GuitarTown. Slightly paired down from 2010's twenty plus first wave of guitars, here are two more of the nine new designs gracing The Strip for 2012 (with more to follow I'm sure).

There's Something Happening Here guitar by Julianna Martinez
There's Something Happening Here GuitarTown
Of all the over-sized Gibson Les Paul guitars that make up Sunset Strip's GuitarTown, Julianna Martinez's ceramic mosaic designs always look like they've had the most effort and work put into them.
Something Happening Here GuitarSomething Happening Here Guitar head
The sheer detail is incredible and this guitar is inspired by the folk rock band Buffalo Springfield.
Something Happening Here guitar neck
Mosaic Guitar detail
If you like this design, be sure to check out Summer of Love by Julianna Martinez from GuitarTown 2010.
Mosaic Guitar Julianna Martinez 2012
You can currently find this new design located outside Mel's Drive-in along Sunset Boulevard.

Moms Not Bombs guitar by Tristan Eaton
Moms Not Bombs GuitarTown
Next up is a guitar inspired by the artist's mother, the actress Gillian Eaton, and Sunset Strip which was the birthplace of Tristan Eaton.
Moms Not Bombs guitar
Moms Not Bombs guitar back
You'll find this white design guitar outside The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood.

Come back again soon for two more designs from this first wave of GuitarTown 2012...

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