Monday, April 30, 2012

April's eclectic mix of lifestyle billboards around L.A...

Can you believe it's the end of April? Neither can I. It's certainly been a busy month and over the past few days I've featured billboard round-ups for TV, movies and fashion around L.A. and today it's the turn of the best of the rest lifestyle billboard ads.

Drinks billboards
Deleon Tequila billboard
With Cinco de Mayo looming on the horizon, I couldn't help but kick off this round-up with a few tequila brand billboards. It seems like it's all about the bottle design and they are clearly the heroes in these ads for Deleon and Don Julio tequilas.
Don Julio Tequila 2012 billboard
Next up is an an for the low calorie Voli Vodka. Who knew you had to worry about calories when it came to drinking cocktails, maybe that's where I've been going wrong all these years.
Voli Rock Star vodka billboard
Meanwhile Bacardi is celebrating 150 years of starting parties with its new billboard.
Bacardi 150 years parties billboard
It looks like its not the only drink with some heritage, as this Victoria beer is apparently Mexico's oldest beer being brewed since 1865.
Victoria Beer billboard
Speaking of beer, the new SmithHouse Tap & Grill in Century City has over 120 different types on tap. Being a non-beer drinker I won't be rushing there, but I do like this special extension billboard for the venue along Santa Monica Boulevard.
SmithHouse billboard
Finally for beverages, I'm exactly sure why I'm supposed to 'enjoy more madness' with Coke Zero (maybe it's all those 'natural' ingredients), but as this variant is my cola of choice these days I had to include it.
Coke Zero Enjoy madness billboard

Food billboards
Ben Jerrys Greek frozen Yogurt billboard
Ben & Jerry's have brought out a whole new raft of Greek Frozen Yogurt varieties and this Banana Peanut Butter billboard is the first I've seen. If you like this fun ad, be sure to check these other Ben & Jerry's ice-cream billboards from around L.A. last year.
Fresh Brothers app billboard
This simple billboard for Fresh Brothers made me smile. Seems like there's an app for everything these days, even pizza.

Technology billboards
Porsche Blackberry billboard
Those folks at Blackberry are doing everything they can to try and sell handsets these days in the face of tough competition, even getting Porsche to design a super-sleek model (no doubt with matching expensive price tag).
Samsung Galaxy Note billboard
Meanwhile, Samsung is having a fantastic time at the moment having just taken over from Nokia as the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones. This billboard for the Galaxy Note may have a fun tagline, but it's not especially exciting otherwise.
Apple iPad 2012 billboard
Apple debuted their new ad campaign for the new iPad this month and I love them. They are bright, colourful and sharp, really helping to sell the new high definition benefits of their latest tablet. Be sure to check out many more creatives from the iPad 2012 ad campaign at my Daily Billboard Blog.

Magazine billboards
Summary magazine billboard
This arresting billboard for the launch of Summary, a new online magazine for arts, fashion and film, really stood out with its interesting visual.

Car billboards
Audi R8 GT car billboard
This cool Audi R8 GT reminds me of the BMW concept car from Mission: Impossible 4 which caught my eye (and I'm not even a car person). I think the speed tyre marks on the ground are a nice touch in this simple ad.

Cause related billboards
Don't erase us from history billboard
This clever billboard is to help the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center support California's FAIR Education Act in order to fight the anti-LGBT extremists who want to stop gay history being taught in schools.
Team to End AIDS billboard
And this next sporty billboard which appeared in my local West Hollywood neighbourhood has a special place in my heart as it's for my own endurance training team, T2: Team to End AIDS, who helped me complete two L.A. Marathons.
Power of Kabbalah course billboard
I'm not usually a fan of religion, but it works for Madonna so if you want to discover the secret of the power of Kabbalah, now's the time.

Theme park and tourist attractions billboards
Renaissance Pleasure Faire billboard
Another place you'd probably never find me is at a ye olde Renaissance Pleasure Faire, but as you know I am quite partial to a good special extension billboard.
Transformers Advisory billboard
Universal Studios Hollywood have been teasing their new Transformers 3D ride in April. I popped along to the theme park the other day to check out the latest movie costumes and props on display and took an early ride on the sci-fi attraction. I have to say I wasn't overly impressed and am so pleased I didn't stand in line for hours to ride it. If you're a fan of the films you'll probably love it, but otherwise it's just more of the same and I much prefer The Simpsons simulator ride or the Spider-man ride in Florida.
San Diego Zoo billboard
And finally I know my niece and nephew will appreciate this fun meerkat billboard for the San Diego Zoo's play days event.

So is that enough billboards for you this month? There's always so much to see and do here, but L.A.'s skies really were crammed with billboard ads in April.

Here's to another visually interesting month...

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