Monday, April 23, 2012

A belated birthday beach visit and whale watching in Santa Barbara...

Yesterday, as a belated birthday treat for our 4-year old Labrador Cooper, we ventured to his favourite off-leash dog beach in Santa Barbara, Hendry's Beach.

Cooper seemed happy with his belated birthday treat
4 year Yellow Labrador
Not only were we treated to a very happy pup, but we also got to catch a glimpse of some whales frolicking off the shore.

Whale sighting from Hendry's Beach
Whale sighting Hendry's Beach
Even though the sun was hiding behind the thick marine layer we always have a lovely time at the beach with Cooper as he enjoys it so much, and seeing those magnificent mammals too was a real bonus.
Let's face it, he didn't really care what was happening out to sea, all that concerned him was where his tennis ball was.

Forget the whales, where's my ball?
Ocean Labrador Cooper
I have to say it was pretty cool to see those amazing creatures breaking the surface of the water, especially when their water spouts shot up into the air. There were at least two of them and they seemed to be attracted to the kayaks and boats of whale-watchers in the water.
Whale watchers Hendrys Beach
Unfortunately it was hard to capture them on the basic cameras we had, so you'll have to make do with these pictures of Cooper enjoying himself instead, which is always a delight.
Yellow Beach Labrador
The sun may not have been shining, but a little birthday surprise goes a long way to making a day even more special...

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