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The best TV billboards around L.A. in April...

There have been so many billboards around L.A. in April that it's necessary to split this monthly round-up over several posts so that they all get their chance to shine. Today it's the turn of all the latest new series  television billboards.

TV billboards
To kick us off it's Jennifer Love Hewitt returning to TV in her new Lifetime show, where she works at a spa which offers much more than simple massage. Her racy billboards for The Client List have been especially popular over at my Daily Billboard blog this month.
Next up is this giant billboard for HBO's new comedy Girls, which has been described as an almost anti-Sex and the City and much more down-to-Earth show about living in New York City.
Starz did a big push for their new late 50's Miami mobster drama, Magic City, with cool billboards both large and small.
With one of the longest new titles, these billboards for Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 starring Krystin Ritter were all over town.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus saw the funny side of politics playing America's fictional Vice President in her new comedy, Veep.
With Oprah out of the way, Kathy Griffin finally got her own primetime talk show on Bravo, together with this fun billboard. Although I'm certain that no amount of hazard tape will keep the outspoken comedienne from speaking her mind.
Scandal arrived to much fanfare this month from the creator of Grey's Anatomy, but I didn't see that much advertising support for the new series about a team of political damage control experts.
Meanwhile, The History Channel shouted about the success of two of its shows, Swamp People and Pawn Stars.
The Hub once again made me laugh out loud this month, with this new My Little Pony parody, this time an homage to the recent British royal wedding. I especially love how they incorporated those infamous hats worn by Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, and that these 'royals' are unicorns.
And finally for television, this billboard along Sunset Boulevard made me scratch my head this month. Apparently it was for a special ABC 20/20 news special, encouraging locals to tweet their experiences and dreams that L.A.'s infamous Sunset Strip represented.
Surprisingly not everyone who comes to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune becomes rich and famous, imagine that. Just don't tell that to the folks who live at The L.A. Complex.
LA Complex billboard
One of my favourite black comedies returns this month for a third season, The Big C. Laura Linney is looking pretty fearless with her tongue piercing, but then I suppose living with cancer makes you do life-changing things.
Big C season 3 billboard
Returning for a fourth season, Showtime seems to be sharing that orange billboard color around with Nurse Jackie. No wonder she's out of control.
Nurse Jackie season 4 billboard
Amanda de Cadenet seems to have come a long way from a presenter on the late night British youth show, The Word, and is now hosting a whole raft of one-on-one celebrity interviews for Lifetime.
Conversation Lifetime bilboard
Next is possibly the worst titled show of the season, Bent. It may be about a single mother dating an unlikely 'bad boy' type, but for me it has too many negative gay slur connotations and that's not especially funny.
Bent billboard
At the same time, here are two examples of great names to bring in viewers. Wicked Tuna is about fishermen in New England, yet by giving it a fun and quirky name it seems far more appealing for a younger audience. Good job National Geographic Channel.
Wicked Tuna TV billboard
And A&E have given their latest reality show a great name too, Duck Dynasty, which chronicles the lives of a self-made millionaire family who've made a profitable business out of duck hunting equipment in Louisiana. The billboard has a nice rags to riches feel to it too.
And finally this billboard for NBC's new sitcom, Best Friends Forever, really seems to sum up a generation with its digital photo loving (and no doubt Facebook sharing) BFFs.
As you can see there's been a real mix of drama, comedy, cartoons, fly-on-the-wall reality and scandal around L.A.'s skies this month.

Be sure to regularly check out more TV billboards at Daily Billboard and come back tomorrow for more eye-catching billboard ads from around the City of Angels in April 2012...

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