Thursday, April 26, 2012

L.A.'s coolest movie billboards in April...

Not only were there lots of TV billboards around L.A. in April, but there was a real abundance of movie billboards lining the skies too. Check out this cool collection of the best super-sized and special extension film ads around town this month.

Movie billboards
Marvel Avengers movie billboard
First up have to be more billboards for The Avengers, featuring team-ups of The Hulk and Iron Man and Black Widow and Hawkeye, after all I did go to The Avengers World Premiere in Hollywood this month.
Marvel Avengers billboard
Be sure to check out Daily Billboard for the giant Avengers billboard along Sunset Strip, plus the Captain America and Thor team-up creative.
Epix Heroes Weekend billboard
Speaking of the star-spangled Sentinel of Liberty and the God of Thunder, looks like everyone wants to cash in on Earth's Mightiest Heroes this month, with a special Heroes Weekend planned on the Epix channel.
Epix Transformers 3 billboard
Not content with Marvel Heroes, they also have the latest Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie to promote.
Dark Knight Rises teaser billboard
The one thing that The Avengers movie does prove is that not all big screen comic book adaptations have to be dark, gritty and angst ridden, they can have a sense of humor and have a splash of colour (primarily green). Saying that, you can't help but get excited when you do see teasers for The Dark Knight Rises this Summer.
The Dictator movie billboard
Someone else who has been teasing us these past two months is Sacha Baron Cohen, with cryptic teaser billboards for The Dictator, which didn't have any film title whatsoever on the creatives (like the golf version below).
Dictator movie billboard
So it's nice to see the comedy finally explaining itself a little and I just love the vibrant flag design of the latest billboards.
5 Year Engagement movie billboard
Speaking of comedies, the producer of Bridesmaids is obviously hoping lightning can strike twice with another wedding themed movie, this time The Five-Year Engagement starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt. 
MIB3 billboard
Then there's another sequel of an over ten-year old franchise, which makes you wonder if Hollywood has run out of ideas. Do we really need a Men in Black 3? I wasn't that partial to the first offerings and I'm huge sci-fi fan.
Cabin in the Woods movie billboard
On the other hand there's The Cabin in the Woods, which even though it languished in release date hell for three years, was still a refreshing take on the horror-fantasy slasher movie. The twisted cabin on the billboard creative says it all.
Dark Shadows movie remake billboard
Johnny Depp and Tim Burton fans will rejoice when they see these billboards for their latest collaboration for the remake of the late 60's to early 70's TV gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows (although Depp as a quirky goth vampire is hardly a stretch for him).
Dark Shadows movie billboard
If you like these, be sure to check out even more Dark Shadows movie billboards.
Battleship movie billboard
Another big movie release in May is the big budget adaptation of the classic board game Battleship.
Battleship movie billboard
Throw in some invading aliens and suddenly you have the opportunity for a new sci-fi action blockbuster. Let's hope it doesn't get sunk without a trace though. Check out even more Battleship movie billboard creatives from around L.A. at Daily Billboard.
Pirates Band of Misfits billboard
If you're a fan of claymation, then you'll probably love this billboard for The Pirates: Band of Misfits and want to check out three clay animation characters from The Pirates movie on display at ArcLight Pasadena cinema.
Disney Chimpanzee billboard
And then there's the cutest billboard around L.A. this month for Disney Nature's Chimpanzee. I know it's not very politically correct, but I always wanted my own chimp (it must have been all those black and white Tarzan movies from my youth), although an orangutan would do too.
TCM Classic Film Festival billboard 2012
Finally, I liked this collection of cool retro movie billboards for TCM's 2012 Classic Film Festival.
TCM Classic Film Festival billboard 2012
They are simple and colorful, yet evoke that old Hollywood glamour.
TCM Classic Film Festival billboard 2012
If you like all these, be sure to check out Daily Billboard every day to see all the latest blockbuster movie creatives from around L.A. and stay tuned in the coming days for even more cool billboard round-ups.

It's been a busy, but certainly an entertaining, month...

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