Friday, April 27, 2012

No NYC Marathon for me, but lots to look forward to...

So I didn't win the New York Marathon lottery this week, which was a real disappointment, but at least I still have the San Francisco and Honolulu marathons in July and December to look forward to.

LA Marathon Finisher Certificate 2012
I did however receive my L.A. Marathon finishers certificate (which was over month ago so not sure why the delay) and it was nice to be reminded that I was 1,823rd place out of the 18,794 finishers.
Crossing LA Marathon Finish Line 2012
Other fantastic news to lift my spirits was that my running group, T2: Team to End AIDS, was the top fundraiser of any charity for the 2012 L.A. Marathon, which is a real accomplishment.
T2 Top LA Marathon fundraiser
Let's hope we can repeat that success when I train and fundraise for the Honolulu Marathon. If you can support my fundraising efforts which benefit AIDS Project L.A., PLEASE DONATE TODAY.

Just so you know any revenue that is generated from my blogs by people clicking on advertisements or buying through goes directly to my chosen charity.

I'll certainly be entering the NYC Marathon Lottery again next year, but for now it's just a solo 12-mile training run tomorrow morning...

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