Sunday, May 27, 2012

A drunken Kiefer Sutherland starts my day...

Just back from an early dog walk with Cooper I wondered who was causing the commotion outside in the street at around 6.20am this morning.

Drunk Kiefer Sutherland outside Petit Hermitage Hotel
Drunk Kiefer Sutherland outside Petit Hermitage Hotel
I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked out to see Kiefer Sutherland and an entourage staggering in the middle of the street outside the Petit Ermitage boutique hotel in West Hollywood.
Drunk Kiefer Sutherland outside Petit Hermitage Hotel
Drunk Kiefer Sutherland outside Petit Hermitage Hotel
There were lots of hugs, cigarettes and staggering back into the hotel, but at least this time the 24 and Touch star had a driver to get him home and no chance of another DUI.
Drunk Kiefer Sutherland Petit Hermitage Hotel
Drunk Kiefer Sutherland Petit Hermitage Hotel
After he staggered back out of the hotel he gave his driver a hug (who seemed pleased to get him back safely in the car) and bid farewell to what seemed like his best pal in the whole world (who he'd probably just met out partying), who was was equally intoxicated and driving his own car.

There's nothing like some noisy people the morning after to wake up the neighbourhood on a Sunday.

Ah, Hollywood you continue to surprise me...


Myheadisclear said...

Dude, don't presume to know Kiefer or his friends. You say the guy with him is probably someone who he just met? Looks to me from your pictures they know each other very well, or do you hang on to the car door of someone you've just met all the time?
And considering you were already up walking your dog, you couldn't have been disturbed too much. Although, perhaps you were disturbed so much, you had to stick around to nose in on someone else's business to take pictures.
People of Hollywood, you continue to surprise me!
Considering this IS Hollywood where the majority of celeb's live, it shouldn't be a surprise to see a drunken one stagger from a hotel at stupid o'clock... Geeze, get over it already!

Jason in Hollywood said...

Of course you're right on many levels.

Sadly people noisily staggering around the streets at all hours isn't an unusual occurrence, but seeing a celeb doing it is still less common in my neighborhood (Hollywood is a big place after all).

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