Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Goodbye U.K., Hello L.A...

Our whirlwind visit to Britain is over once again and we're safely back in L.A. with just a little bit of jet-lag and a heatwave to contend with.

Heathrow Airport Goodbye
Heathrow airport goodbye
It seemed strange to be leaving behind all the Jubilee festivities and approaching Olympics excitement, but luckily a few sips of champagne eased the journey back over the Atlantic.

Flying over Wales
Flying over Wales
I even got to wave goodbye to my homeland as we flew over Wales on our way to our connecting flight in Washington.
Inflight champagne
The view didn't really compare to the last time we'd flown over a snowy Britain and the frozen tundra in Greenland back in 2009 though.
Business Class Jason
Obviously the best thing about being home in L.A. is being reunited with Cooper, who as you can see was exhausted from his doggie daycare adventures (we've been watching him on the webcam whilst we've been away and he hasn't stopped playing with dog and human alike).
Sleepy car hammock Labrador
Now the three musketeers are reunited and it's time to settle back into Summer in California...

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Diana Marks said...

nice pictures! welcome back to LA!

check out my blog and, if you want, let's follow each other on GFC or Bloglovin' or both ;)

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