Wednesday, May 30, 2012

L.A.'s coolest TV and movie billboards in May...

This month not only have there been lots of television and movie billboards around L.A., but also lots of different creatives for the same movies. Here's a selection of the best May had to offer.

TV billboards
Mad Men season 5 For Your Consideration billboard
After a fantastic teaser campaign for Mad Men's fifth season this new 'For your consideration' billboard is another welcome sight, especially as it shows almost the entire cast including the lovely women of the 60's based show. I can't tell whether this ad is for potential viewers or Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG Award voters though as it seems a little early for award season.
Workaholics season 3 Fully Torqued billboard
This special installation billboard for the third season of Workaholics is certainly bizarre and eye-catching on first appearance, and the adult humour may be lost on those who don't watch the Comedy Central show. However, it does the job of making you want to know what 'Fully Torqued' means, so be prepared for a rude awakening when you find out.
The History Channel catered for its Memorial Day audience this year with a three-night family feud drama courtesy of the Hatfields & McCoys, and film stars Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner to attract viewers.
It's the fifth and last season with Alan Ball at the helm of True Blood, so you can truly believe that everything is at stake for the supernatural folk of Bon Temps and this striking super-sized 'Sookie Stackhouse' billboard really does stand out along Sunset Strip.
This next billboard heralds the arrival of Howard Stern, who lends a judging hand (and no doubt some swearing) for the seventh season of America's Got Talent.
With it's simple design this billboard for USA Network's new cop buddy show, Common Law, really stood out against that blue Californian sky.
These days there truly is a reality show for everything (or docu-series if you want to be posh about it) and Sundance Channel's new Push Girls follows the lives of four wheelchair bound women in Hollywood.
Meanwhile, Adult Swim's Eagleheart received a billboard for the second season of the ultra-violent comedy.
Speaking of comedy, the new TBS series Men at Work parodied the famous 1930's 'Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper' photograph for their debut.
Whilst the Care Bears got the makeover treatment this month, in the same way The Hub has revitalized the My Little Pony franchise in recent years with new cartoons and hilarious spoof billboards.
And finally it would be almost criminal if the billboard for the 2012 Comedy Awards wasn't at leads a bit witty. Luckily they succeeded with this simple ad with clever copy.

Movie billboards
What a Summer it's turning out for films and with The Dark Knight on the horizon, you have to wonder if DC's Caped Crusader will be able to challenge Marvel's The Avengers box office domination.
I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the comic book movie and saw it for a second time today, laughing and cheering in equal measure in all the same places. Be sure to check out all these other supercool Avengers movie billboards if you're a fan.
Another film I'm highly anticipating and hoping I won't be disappointed by is Snow White & the Huntsman. The billboards are as stunning and visually interesting as the movie looks.
The alien invasion at sea flick may have been sunk at the box office but they still had an impressive ad campaign for Battleship (even though this one looked liked something out of the Transformers).
There were also some fun giant-sized billboards this month, including this arresting visual for Disney/Pixar's new computer-animated movie Brave. Even though if feels more like a Disney Princess movie than Pixar's usual fare, 'Princess Merida' certainly does catch your eye with her fiery red locks.
The other campaign making me smile around L.A. at the moment is these crazy 'Wig Out' billboards for the animated sequel Madagascar 3.
Gloria and the gang look so outrageous that they are sure to lift your spirits when you see the fun ads.
Meanwhile another film back for a third outing was Men in Black 3, which stole the Memorial Weekend cinema crown, but not by as much as everyone no doubt hoped. Maybe Will Smith's star is starting to wane, or maybe people are just bored of sequels that are ten years too late.
Just as Paxton and Costner starred in a TV mini-series, big names like Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen debuted their new movie Hemingway & Gellhorn on HBO this month.

Arts billboards
Finally here's what seems like a vanity project from James Franco, a billboard for his 'Rebel' exhibition which apparently featured TV and movie-style stage sets, sculptural installations and video projections from him and other artists.

And there you have it for another month. Be sure to come back again in June for another round-up and check out Daily Billboard every day for even more visual delights...

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