Thursday, May 17, 2012

Public transport for tourists and not Londoners during the Olympics...

Even though the weather has been a bit grim, there have been more than a few sights around London this week that have made me smile.

London Underground Olympics transport walk poster
Firstly, it was all the Queen's Jubilee flags and bunting and secondly were these slightly absurd London Underground transport posters for the forthcoming Summer Olympics.
London Underground Olympics transport pole-vault poster
Seeing everyone rushing around like headless chickens and the sheer speed of the rat-race, makes me realize I'm so glad I'll not be in the capital city come summertime with all the extra visitors coming to watch the Olympic Games.
London Underground Olympics transport basketball poster
Obviously if you only need to travel one stop that's fine, but it seems ludicrous to suggest that everyone trying to get to and from work should walk, or find other transport than the tube for the duration of the Games.

London really is going to be hell to get around in a few short months. Fortunately I shall be watching it all from afar, good luck my friends...

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