Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee fever abounds in Britain...

Returning to the U.K. after being away for 16 months the sense of nationalistic pride and excitement over the forthcoming  Queen's Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics is almost tangible.

Jubilee Union Jacks Coventry St London
Traveling around the county to visit family in South Wales and Stroud in England, plus staying in Central London it's lovely to see all the Union Jack flags flying and red, white and blue bunting lining city streets and little countryside towns alike.
Diamond Jubilee Union Jacks Regent St London
I'm sure it's a wave of British pride, nostalgia and fondness left over from last year's popular Royal Wedding of Will & Kate.
Queens Diamond Jubilee window display
I must say though, it is still so much nicer to see this spirit of 'Cool Britannia' versus the usual negative connotations of football hooligans sporting Union Jack painted faces, or political bigots waving Union Jack flags to stir hatred and closed borders sentiment.
London Queens Jubilee bunting
There's nothing like a right Royal event, like the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June celebrating 60 years of her reign, to bring communities together and give businesses a chance to cash in and help drive the British economy out of recession (obviously a few extra days holiday helps too).
Bond Street Diamond Jubilee Union Jacks London
Aside from the holiday picnics and fetes planned, there also seems to be real interest in going to see the Olympics in July and August.
Diamond Jubilee Union Jack flags Coventry St London
I suppose this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for a lot of people and who knows how I would feel if I had the chance to go (I'm thinking men's gymnastics or diving would be most appealing).
London Queen's Diamond Jubilee bunting
So now that we have some semblance of national pride and optimism restored, maybe someone could finally do something about this unpredictable, yet oh-so-British weather too.
Queens Diamond Jubilee Union Jacks London
I live in hope. If not there's always a Union Jack umbrella with my name on it...

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