Saturday, June 30, 2012

Eye-catching fashion, drinks and lifestyle billboards around L.A. in June...

Sometimes I wonder what I would do with all my time if there weren't as many billboards to take photographs of around L.A. 

Sunset Strip billboards June 2012
Sunset Strip June 2012 billboards
No need to worry this month though, as the skies were filled with a real eclectic mix of ads to enjoy. Be sure to check out all June's new TV billboards and movie billboards, then take a gander at these fashion and lifestyle ads from around the streets of Los Angeles.

Fashion billboards
Hudson Jeans Union Jack 2012 billboard
Being a Brit, I'm loving this clever new Union Jack creative from Hudson Jeans in West Hollywood.
Jessica Simpson hat billboard
Right beside it is this billboard for Jessica Simpson's own fashion line and I think this is the best ad to date from the campaign.
Burberry Eyewear 2012 billboard
British brand Burberry continues to have presence along Sunset Plaza with this latest mono Eyewear billboard.
Armani Exchange Summer 2012 billboard
And Armani Exchange continues its black and white campaign with this billboard featuring some bright young things.
Buffalo David Bitton 2012 billboard
Buffalo by David Bitton are another fashion brand keeping away from colour ads this season.
Giant Havaianas flip flops billboards
However, bringing more than a splash of colour to Sunset Strip were these giant billboards for Havaianas flip-flops.
Fragrance billboards
Penguin Fragrance billboard
This fragrance billboard for Penguin has been around for a while now along Sunset Boulevard, but I do like their clothes, so thought it was worth a mention.

Travel billboards
Giant Emirates Airlines Hello Tomorrow billboard
Meanwhile Emirates are making a big impact for their airline flights this month, with this super-sized billboard along Wilshire Boulevard.

Food and drinks billboards
Ashton Kutcher Popchips hippie billboard
This month has been quite a busy one for food and drinks brands. Everywhere I look I seem to have seen different characters played by Ashton Kutcher for Popchips ad campaign, from hippies to bikers and divas.
Eat Mor Chikin ChickFilA billboard
And even though I'm not a fan of any homophobic fast food chain (especially those that donate to anti-gay causes), this 'Eat Mor Chikin' Freeway billboard installation for Chick-Fil-A, featuring two cows trying to save their own skin is pretty fun.
Avocado Morro Bay billboard
I'm also liking these Avocado billboards around L.A., which have a nice California postcard font feel to them (and I've even stayed in Morro Bay a few years ago).
Giant Odwalla billboards
At times L.A. seems all about health, health, health and so Odwalla has these giant billboards along Sunset Strip and other landscape versions around town at the moment to try and stand out amongst the cluttered shelves and get you interested in their protein bars, juices and smoothies. 
Eat Well Odwalla billboard
Another drinks ad which really stood out this month was this one for Sierra Mist, with its effervescent white billboard it really catches the sunlight and looks really refreshing.
Sierra Mist billboard
Then just squeezing in at the end of June, this skateboarding Sprite ad is a fun, eye-catching creative and even integrates the logo which is a marketers dream.
Sprite Skateboarder billboard
Another green billboard which stood out was this new one for Heineken, which emphasizes its quality and imported credentials.
Heineken imported beer billboard
Whilst Corona Extra continues its more emotional and aspirational 'Find your beach' campaign, wherever you are - at a bar, poolside or in the city at night.
Corona Find your beach billboards

Cause-related billboards
AIDS LifeCycle Thank you Heroes billboard
A lot of my marathon training friends took part in this year's AIDS LifeCycle, so it was wonderful to see their fundraising and physical efforts acknowledged in the heart of West Hollywood with this billboard when they completed their 545 mile ride from San Francisco.
Labrador No Kill LA billboard
Meanwhile these two puppy dog billboards appeared in May and stayed around for a while to pull at your heart strings and encourage Los Angelenos to make this city a no kill zone for animals in shelters. 
No Kill LA dog billboard
On the flip-side, these ads along Sunset Boulevard used a cute puppy face to attack PETA's record at saving animals in the shelters run by them.
PETA kills animals billboard

Health billboards
Smoking deaths counter billboard
This anti-smoking billboard with its deaths counter along Santa Monica Boulevard near Westwood Boulevard has been a fixture for as long as I've been in L.A. so it's worth a mention, although when a gimmick like this has been around for a while I wonder how much it becomes part of the scenery and therefore less effective.
Lifesaver condom billboard
The AIDS Healthcare Foundation once again uses humour to raise awareness on a very serious subject of safe sex. This multi-coloured condom with its homage to the lifesaver candy made me laugh when it appeared in the skies around L.A.
GNC Live Charged billboard
And for a healthy and active lifestyle, here's another ad for GNC Live Well's nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Financial billboards
Allstate Give your rates a facelift billboard
Finally here are two insurance billboards both using humor to sell their wares. Allstate's 'facelift' creative is quite fun and so appropriate for L.A.'s penchant for cosmetic surgery, plus the stretched canvas design looks almost real.
Mercury Insurance caveman billboard
Meanwhile, Mercury Insurance continues with its copy-only campaign and I've finally managed to track down this 'Caveman' creative which pokes fun at rival Geico's old Caveman ad campaign.

If like me you loved this eclectic mix of billboards from the month of June, be sure to check out my Daily Billboard blog every day for even more.

Remember, keep your eyes to the skies...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Movies, music and entertainment billboards around L.A. in June...

There really has been a real variety of billboards around L.A. this month, especially with the battle for the No.1 Summer movie blockbuster heating up.

Movie billboards
Amazing Spiderman movie billboard
The Avengers may have surprised everyone by earning over $600 million worldwide, so it will be interesting to see what the reboot of the Spider-man franchise will do. Unfortunately Spidey is still under the control of Sony Pictures not Marvel Studios (plus 20th Century Fox still own the rights to the X-Men movies), so it may be some time until we see your friendly neighborhood superhero (or Wolverine) as a member of the Avengers.

If you're a Peter Parker fan, be sure to check out all these web-slinging billboards for The Amazing Spider-man.
Dark Knight Rises movie billboard
The other, slightly grimmer, Caped Crusader vying for the Summer box office is Batman in Christopher Nolan's final installment in The Dark Knight trilogy. 

A whole host of movie billboards for The Dark Knight Rises have appeared in recent days, including this fun exploded Bat-sign installation which looks like the iconic emblem has burst out of this billboard hoarding.
Dark Knight Rises Bat-sign special installation
On a lighter note this fun gigantic Katy Perry billboard graced the Sunset Strip for the singer's forthcoming behind-the-scenes concert movie, Part of Me.
Giant Katy Perry Part of Me movie billboard
Keeping to a musical theme, there were loads of different Rock of Ages movie billboards around the streets of Los Angeles, but sadly the film seemed to fizzle at the box office, despite an all-star cast.
Rock of Ages movie billboard
And if musicals are not your thing, then maybe an R-Rated comedy starring a swearing, beer-swilling teddy bear brought to life with a child's wish (who has since grown up), is more your bag of tricks. Check out these hilarious movie billboards for Seth MacFarlane's Ted.
Ted movie billboard
Or for more crude fun (and another flop for Adam Sandler) there's always That's My Boy.
Thats My Boy movie billboard
And if Tyler Perry is more your comedic cup of tea there's what seems like gazillionth 'Madea' movie sequel, Madea's Witness Protection.
Madeas Witness Protection billboard

Music billboards
RIP Beastie Boy MCA billboard
In May Adam 'MCA' Yauch of the Beastie Boys died at 47 after battling cancer. To honour his memory these two billboards appeared at the end of May and into June in two locations along Sunset Boulevard, one above The Los Angeles Recording School and the other above the infamous venue, The Viper Room.
RIP MCA billboard
Meanwhile this copy-only radio billboard for Jack FM caught my eye with its witty and self-deprecating tagline.
Jack FM radio billboard

Performing Arts billboards
Book of Mormons touring musical billboard
Tickets for the touring version of The Book of Mormon went on sale in June with this billboard to promote the smash hit musical. Upon closer investigation I decided we'd wait to see it on Broadway for the cost of the tickets with good seats at Hollywood's Pantages Theatre.
Hollywood Bowl 2012 billboard
And in June the Hollywood Bowl 2012 season officially kicked off Summer.

Theme park billboards
Transformers The Ride special installation
Another L.A. attraction got a new addition this year in the form of the new Transformers ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, with this Megatron billboard installation near LAX to promote the ride.
Disney Cars Land billboard
Whilst they are not the only theme park to have undergone some changes, as Disney California Adventure opened the doors to its new Cars Land attraction this month. Be sure to check out the all the Cars Land billboards featuring Lightning McQueen and Mater from around L.A.

Be sure to check out more movie ads at Daily Billboard and stick around for a round-up of June's fashion, drinks and lifestyle billboards soon...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

L.A.'s hottest TV show and Emmy consideration billboards in June...

This month it's been hard not to notice that it's Emmy Award consideration season with billboards for shows and their stars filling L.A.'s skies. Plus returning favorites and seres debuts have made for a bumper month for television billboards.

TV billboards
Matt Bomer White Collar Emmy 2012 billboard
First up is a collection of stylish Emmy billboards from the USA Network, including on for Matt Bomer in White Collar. The recently out gay actor's star seems to be rising, as not only has he guested on Glee this season as Blaine's big brother, but he can also be seen stripping off alongside Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike when it opens this weekend.
Gabriel Macht Suits Emmy 2012 billboard
Suits Emmy 2012 billboard
Patrick J Adams Suits Emmy 2012 billboard
Another dapper pair sporting their own and collective billboards are the boys from Suits. If you're a fan of the show, be sure to check out their giant season two Suits billboard.
Necessary Roughness Emmy 2012 billboard
Finally for USA a lady gets a look in, with Callie Thorne getting her own Emmy ad for her drama, Necessary Roughness (she was nominated for a Golden Globe last year).
Good Wife Emmy 2012 billboard
Next up is this sexy Emmy appeal from Julianna Margulies for her show, The Good Wife. She won the Emmy for Lead Actress last year (plus a Golden Globe in 2010), so can she make in two years in a row.
Conan Emmy 2012 billboard
Late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien does his best this month to be considered for anything, from sitting to standing and even looking. It's a very clever and funny billboard.
Heidi Klum Emmy 2012 billboard
Project Runway's host and judge Heidi Klum wants your Emmy consideration and also demands your attention with her new revealing billboard for the tenth season of the fashion design competition show.
Heidi Klum Project Runway season 10 billboard
Be sure to also check out Project Runway's glittering Make It Work scissors teaser billboard which graced Sunset Plaza before this sexy creative.
Giant True Blood season 5 billboard
As a lot of popular show's like True Blood and Breaking Bad enter their fifth and for some final seasons, network execs must be running around like headless chickens to try and find the next TV hit to replace them when they go off the air.
Giant Newsroom billboard
True Blood still seems to be off to a good start for season five and I'm sure HBO are also hoping their new show The Newsroom, starring Jeff Daniels, will also be a winner. This giant billboard replaced the 'Vampire Bill' ad along L.A.'s Sunset Strip.
Breaking Bad season 5 billboard
Breaking Bad and 'Walt White' are back for their final season and it looks like things will be going out with a bang.
Giant Falling Skies 2 billboard
Falling Skies season 2 billboard
The second season of Falling Skies has started strong on TNT and I love these billboards for the post-alien invasion show.
Storage Wars season 3 billboard
Storage Wars returns for a third season with this explosive special extension billboard drawing attention along Sunset Boulevard.
Longmire season 1 billboard
Before that this atmospheric billboard for new crime drama Longmire graced the same A&E billboard location.
Workaholics season 3 billboard
Workaholics Fully Torqued special installation was taken down and replaced with this joke apology billboard this month, which was a great piece of PR.
 Soul Man giant billboard
Spinning out of a guest appearance in TV Land's popular sitcom Hot in Cleveland, The Soul Man got its own giant-sized billboard in June.
Brand X billboard
And quirky British comedian Russell Brand is going to try his hand at the late-night talk show hosting with Brand X.
Charlie Sheen Anger Management billboard
Talking about egos, after a phenomenally public fall from grace, Charlie Sheen is trying to come back with his new series Anger Management.
Dallas 2012 revival billboard
And speaking of comebacks, what about this billboard for the Dallas revival, starring some of the originals and some hot young additions to the iconic soap.
Glee Project season 2 billboard
Finally, even though Glee is off the air, The Glee Project is the talent show designed to find the young stars of the next season of the successful musical-dramedy.

As you can see there's been something old and something new in television land this month. Be sure to check out more TV billboards at Daily Billboard and come back soon for round-ups of June's coolest movie, fashion and lifestyle billboards around L.A...

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