Wednesday, June 6, 2012

17 miles closer to San Francisco...

This morning I was up bright and early and running along Santa Monica Boulevard to the ocean to get some training miles under my belt for the San Francisco Marathon at the end of July.

With my knee strapped up and bearing the Summer heat (it reached 80° in L.A. today) I powered through my 17-mile run, which was mixture of pleasure and pain.

This is probably what I looked like when I was running today
Running LA Rock n Roll Half Marathon
I've been experiencing some knee pain, especially with any kind of hill running (which is essential for San Francisco's course), so even though I struggled to warm up for the first five miles I was pleased to complete the full mileage I wanted.

I've been going to physio for my ailments, which really started after that killer 2-mile hill at the end of the Hollywood Half Marathon, and it seems I have a weak hip and dodgy muscle in my right leg too. All very treatable by the looks of things, but it's certainly set my training back by a few weeks.

But then I have been busy running the last few years, with two marathons and five half marathons under my belt now (plus two 12k Bay to Breakers and countless training hours), so it's understandable I'd have some wear and tear.

My hope for San Francisco is that even though I know I'll be slower because of the hills, I still want a race time as close to four hours as possible.

I'll soon be running over this, twice
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco
My running history to date:

Disneyland Half Marathon Sep 2010 - 1:44:32 
Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Oct 2010 - 1:39:50 
L.A. Marathon 2011 - 3:58:13

Disneyland Half Marathon Sep 2011 - 1:37:01
Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Oct 2011 - 1:37:00
L.A. Marathon 2012 - 3:47:50

Anyway, here's hoping the rest of my training goes well (it's harder on my own than with my running teammates) and I can't wait to run over that Golden Gate Bridge in July...

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