Thursday, June 28, 2012

L.A.'s hottest TV show and Emmy consideration billboards in June...

This month it's been hard not to notice that it's Emmy Award consideration season with billboards for shows and their stars filling L.A.'s skies. Plus returning favorites and seres debuts have made for a bumper month for television billboards.

TV billboards
Matt Bomer White Collar Emmy 2012 billboard
First up is a collection of stylish Emmy billboards from the USA Network, including on for Matt Bomer in White Collar. The recently out gay actor's star seems to be rising, as not only has he guested on Glee this season as Blaine's big brother, but he can also be seen stripping off alongside Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike when it opens this weekend.
Gabriel Macht Suits Emmy 2012 billboard
Suits Emmy 2012 billboard
Patrick J Adams Suits Emmy 2012 billboard
Another dapper pair sporting their own and collective billboards are the boys from Suits. If you're a fan of the show, be sure to check out their giant season two Suits billboard.
Necessary Roughness Emmy 2012 billboard
Finally for USA a lady gets a look in, with Callie Thorne getting her own Emmy ad for her drama, Necessary Roughness (she was nominated for a Golden Globe last year).
Good Wife Emmy 2012 billboard
Next up is this sexy Emmy appeal from Julianna Margulies for her show, The Good Wife. She won the Emmy for Lead Actress last year (plus a Golden Globe in 2010), so can she make in two years in a row.
Conan Emmy 2012 billboard
Late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien does his best this month to be considered for anything, from sitting to standing and even looking. It's a very clever and funny billboard.
Heidi Klum Emmy 2012 billboard
Project Runway's host and judge Heidi Klum wants your Emmy consideration and also demands your attention with her new revealing billboard for the tenth season of the fashion design competition show.
Heidi Klum Project Runway season 10 billboard
Be sure to also check out Project Runway's glittering Make It Work scissors teaser billboard which graced Sunset Plaza before this sexy creative.
Giant True Blood season 5 billboard
As a lot of popular show's like True Blood and Breaking Bad enter their fifth and for some final seasons, network execs must be running around like headless chickens to try and find the next TV hit to replace them when they go off the air.
Giant Newsroom billboard
True Blood still seems to be off to a good start for season five and I'm sure HBO are also hoping their new show The Newsroom, starring Jeff Daniels, will also be a winner. This giant billboard replaced the 'Vampire Bill' ad along L.A.'s Sunset Strip.
Breaking Bad season 5 billboard
Breaking Bad and 'Walt White' are back for their final season and it looks like things will be going out with a bang.
Giant Falling Skies 2 billboard
Falling Skies season 2 billboard
The second season of Falling Skies has started strong on TNT and I love these billboards for the post-alien invasion show.
Storage Wars season 3 billboard
Storage Wars returns for a third season with this explosive special extension billboard drawing attention along Sunset Boulevard.
Longmire season 1 billboard
Before that this atmospheric billboard for new crime drama Longmire graced the same A&E billboard location.
Workaholics season 3 billboard
Workaholics Fully Torqued special installation was taken down and replaced with this joke apology billboard this month, which was a great piece of PR.
 Soul Man giant billboard
Spinning out of a guest appearance in TV Land's popular sitcom Hot in Cleveland, The Soul Man got its own giant-sized billboard in June.
Brand X billboard
And quirky British comedian Russell Brand is going to try his hand at the late-night talk show hosting with Brand X.
Charlie Sheen Anger Management billboard
Talking about egos, after a phenomenally public fall from grace, Charlie Sheen is trying to come back with his new series Anger Management.
Dallas 2012 revival billboard
And speaking of comebacks, what about this billboard for the Dallas revival, starring some of the originals and some hot young additions to the iconic soap.
Glee Project season 2 billboard
Finally, even though Glee is off the air, The Glee Project is the talent show designed to find the young stars of the next season of the successful musical-dramedy.

As you can see there's been something old and something new in television land this month. Be sure to check out more TV billboards at Daily Billboard and come back soon for round-ups of June's coolest movie, fashion and lifestyle billboards around L.A...

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