Friday, June 29, 2012

Movies, music and entertainment billboards around L.A. in June...

There really has been a real variety of billboards around L.A. this month, especially with the battle for the No.1 Summer movie blockbuster heating up.

Movie billboards
Amazing Spiderman movie billboard
The Avengers may have surprised everyone by earning over $600 million worldwide, so it will be interesting to see what the reboot of the Spider-man franchise will do. Unfortunately Spidey is still under the control of Sony Pictures not Marvel Studios (plus 20th Century Fox still own the rights to the X-Men movies), so it may be some time until we see your friendly neighborhood superhero (or Wolverine) as a member of the Avengers.

If you're a Peter Parker fan, be sure to check out all these web-slinging billboards for The Amazing Spider-man.
Dark Knight Rises movie billboard
The other, slightly grimmer, Caped Crusader vying for the Summer box office is Batman in Christopher Nolan's final installment in The Dark Knight trilogy. 

A whole host of movie billboards for The Dark Knight Rises have appeared in recent days, including this fun exploded Bat-sign installation which looks like the iconic emblem has burst out of this billboard hoarding.
Dark Knight Rises Bat-sign special installation
On a lighter note this fun gigantic Katy Perry billboard graced the Sunset Strip for the singer's forthcoming behind-the-scenes concert movie, Part of Me.
Giant Katy Perry Part of Me movie billboard
Keeping to a musical theme, there were loads of different Rock of Ages movie billboards around the streets of Los Angeles, but sadly the film seemed to fizzle at the box office, despite an all-star cast.
Rock of Ages movie billboard
And if musicals are not your thing, then maybe an R-Rated comedy starring a swearing, beer-swilling teddy bear brought to life with a child's wish (who has since grown up), is more your bag of tricks. Check out these hilarious movie billboards for Seth MacFarlane's Ted.
Ted movie billboard
Or for more crude fun (and another flop for Adam Sandler) there's always That's My Boy.
Thats My Boy movie billboard
And if Tyler Perry is more your comedic cup of tea there's what seems like gazillionth 'Madea' movie sequel, Madea's Witness Protection.
Madeas Witness Protection billboard

Music billboards
RIP Beastie Boy MCA billboard
In May Adam 'MCA' Yauch of the Beastie Boys died at 47 after battling cancer. To honour his memory these two billboards appeared at the end of May and into June in two locations along Sunset Boulevard, one above The Los Angeles Recording School and the other above the infamous venue, The Viper Room.
RIP MCA billboard
Meanwhile this copy-only radio billboard for Jack FM caught my eye with its witty and self-deprecating tagline.
Jack FM radio billboard

Performing Arts billboards
Book of Mormons touring musical billboard
Tickets for the touring version of The Book of Mormon went on sale in June with this billboard to promote the smash hit musical. Upon closer investigation I decided we'd wait to see it on Broadway for the cost of the tickets with good seats at Hollywood's Pantages Theatre.
Hollywood Bowl 2012 billboard
And in June the Hollywood Bowl 2012 season officially kicked off Summer.

Theme park billboards
Transformers The Ride special installation
Another L.A. attraction got a new addition this year in the form of the new Transformers ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, with this Megatron billboard installation near LAX to promote the ride.
Disney Cars Land billboard
Whilst they are not the only theme park to have undergone some changes, as Disney California Adventure opened the doors to its new Cars Land attraction this month. Be sure to check out the all the Cars Land billboards featuring Lightning McQueen and Mater from around L.A.

Be sure to check out more movie ads at Daily Billboard and stick around for a round-up of June's fashion, drinks and lifestyle billboards soon...

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