Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A prideful Labrador pool play-date...

Like most people we relish the idea of escaping to the beach or poolside at the weekends, but unlike most we do it with our Labrador Cooper in mind, as he loves the water as you'd imagine from a retriever.

Labrador Cooper pool toy
This past Pride weekend we escaped from the chaos of West Hollywood on Saturday for a pool play-date with one of Cooper's favourite Runyon Canyon pals, Tikka.
Labrador pool play date
Instead of tennis balls to chase up and down dirt tracks, it was toys to fetch from the pool which amused the two labs.
Labrador pool play
Cooper is still a champion diver as these pictures attest, maybe we need to enter him in the equivalent of the canine Olympics.
Labrador Cooper pool diving
Yellow Labrador pool diving
English Labrador pool diving
I'm always astounded by how much distance and height he gets over water considering his 80lb plus size.
Labrador Cooper pool diving
Labrador diving
A lot of labs suffer from hip and hind leg problems, especially in later life, but touch wood Cooper seems to be in full working order at the moment.
Labrador bellyflop
Labrador pool splash
He's still quite capable of doing the odd bellyflop into the pool too, though.
Labrador pool fun
At the end of the day he'll do anything to beat Tikka to those toys, although he's ever so good at giving them up to his best gal pal.
As you can see he had lots of fun and as always would have kept on playing until he dropped if we'd let him. I can only imagine what he'd be like if we had a pool ourselves.
Tired pool Labrador
Yes, this is what a happy Labrador looks like (and it's quite possibly one of my favourite photos from the afternoon).
Wet pool labrador
Anyone fancy a pool play-date?

Just remember to keep your doors closed, otherwise Cooper won't be the only wet thing around the house...

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