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Red hot pecs and abs male model billboard round-up...

Looking at my most popular posts I've noticed there's quite a lot of interest in hot male models, especially in various states of undress, hence I thought it was long overdue for another billboard round-up to showcase all those perfect pecs and rock hard six-packs.

Calvin Klein Jeans Matthew Terry billboard
To kick us off it's the latest Calvin Klein Jeans billboard, a fashion brand infamous for their iconic underwear ads, featuring Matthew Terry all washed up on the rocks.
Calvin Klein Bold mens underwear billboard
Earlier this year, the model also impressed us in another revealing ad to launch Calvin Klein's Bold and colourful men's underwear.
Danny Beauchamp Calvin Klein swimwear billboard
Next up is Danny Beauchamp in white trunks, sharing the spotlight with Lily Donaldson for Calvin Klein's 2012 Spring/Summer swimwear collection.
Calvin Klein 2011 swimwear billboard
The previous year Vladimir Ivanov wore his swimming trunks indoors alongside Edita Vilkeviciute.
Rob Evans CK One Box billboard
Meanwhile in another campaign from 2011Rob Evans stripped off and struck a fighting pose for Calvin Klein's CK One Box ad campaign.
Michael Kors underwear Cory Bond billboard
One of my favourite billboards surprisingly came from Michael Kors and his new men's underwear line. This mono ad featuring the buff Cory Bond was spotted in New York's Times Square in November 2011.  
Andre Ziehe 2xist Neon underwear billboard
The other day I was speaking with someone from the outdoor advertising industry and they mentioned how in their state you'd never see billboards like this lining the skies, whether for religious or legal reasons.
Andre Ziehe 2xist Resort underwear billboard
So I'm grateful to live in West Hollywood with its proud gay community and high disposable income, where I get to see billboards featuring Andre Ziehe for 2(x)ist's Neon and Resort underwear lines in 2011.
AussieBum hydra water polo billboard
Another favourite West Hollywood billboard site is that occupied by Australia's very own AussieBum brand.
AussieBum banana underwear billboard
Whether it be fictional water polo battles by the Sydney Harbour Bridge with a mythical hydra, or underwear made from bananas, they never disappoint. Be sure to check out more beefcake from Down Under in these AussieBum billboards.
Marlon Teixeira Clint Mauro AX billboard
Armani Exchange is never one to be lacking bright young things in its advertising, so enjoy this Bodies of Summer campaign from 2010.
Marlon Teixeira Clint Mauro Armani Exchange billboard
The mono beach billboards featured the beautiful Irina Shayk flanked by hotties Marlon Teixeira and Clint Mauro.
Parke Ronen red trunks billboard
For a time back in the Summer of 2010, Parke & Ronen also tried to cash in on massive gay community in West Hollywood with a series of small swimwear billboards.
Parke Ronen swimwear billboard
Meanwhile on another trip to New York in November 2010 this Hugo Boss Orange underwear billboard caught my eye.
Hugo Boss underwear billboard NYC
Plus Cristiano Ronaldo's six-pack in this mono ad for Armani Jeans grabbed my attention in the oddly appropriately named Meatpacking District.
Cristiano Ronaldo Armani Jeans sixpack billboard
Not to be outdone by a footballer, tennis pro Rafael Nadal bared his back and showed how well his pair of Armani Jeans fit along L.A.'s Sunset Strip March 2011.
Rafal Nadal Armani Jeans billboard
Once an Armani model, David Beckham launched his own range of underwear this season with the help of H&M.
David Beckham HM underwear billboard
And when Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he had a secret lovechild, his other son Patrick capitalized on the PR opportunity by posing for Hudson Jeans in this mono billboard from August 2011.
Patrick Schwarzenegger Hudson Jeans billboard
Sadly you don't see much advertising in L.A. for Abercrombie & Fitch any more, although you only have to walk past their stores to smell how 'fierce' their fragrance truly is and get a peek at a similar shirtless model greeting customers at their door. This fit fragrance billboard was snapped in New York in November last year.
Abercrombie Fierce fragrance billboard NYC
If you really want to promote a men's cologne though, you really need to strip off and oil yourself up like Marc Jacobs did for his own 'Bang' fragrance.
Marc Jacobs Bang fragrance billboard
Plus you can always count on Marc Jacobs to have a cute swimwear model over his flagship store along Melrose Avenue come Summertime.
Marc Jacobs swimwear 2011 billboard
This carousel creative was snapped last May, whilst the new boat creative was spotted this May.
Marc Jacobs swimwear 2012 billboard
GNC Live Well is all about promoting healthy bodies and physiques, so it's no surprise to see them using ripped male models for their ad campaigns.
GNC Live Ripped billboard
GNC Live Amped billboard
Be sure to check out more of these mono GNC billboards from 2011 at my Daily Billboard blog.
GNC Live Healthy billboard 2012
GNC Live Healthy billboard 2012
For 2012, not only have them introduced colour to their ads, but in a second wave their models have become considerably more sporty, featuring this very healthy looking swimmer.
GNC Live Healthy swimmer billboard 2012
Of course there's also more targeted ads aimed at L.A.'s gay male residents featuring buff men, whether it be to find someone for a good time.
Man Hunt Mobile billboard
Or a gay-friendly place to stay, like the Luxor in Las Vegas.
Get Your Lux On Luxor gay billboard
Of course there's also celebs who get their kits off too.

Usually it's the female actresses like Jennifer Love Hewitt posing in lingerie in her recent billboards for The Client List, but playing a male gigolo Thomas Jane must have known the publicity for his show Hung would require him to strip off, like in this giant-sized ad towering over Sunset Boulevard for the third season.
Giant Hung season 3 billboard
Or another example would be Liam McIntyre sporting a leather loincloth for his role in Spartacus: Vengeance.
Liam McIntyre Spartacus Vengeance billboard
And TV shows are not the only ones trying to grab your attention.
Marco Bosco music billboard
Marco Bosco wasn't shy about flashing his pecs and abs in these billboards to promote his music last year.
Marco Bosco music billboard
As you can see there's lots of eye candy around the skies of L.A. and New York, whether it's what you're attracted to or what you aspire to look like to impress others.

Enjoy these billboards and have a fun-filled weekend. Personally a billboard for the new male stripper movie Magic Mike would make my day...

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