Friday, July 20, 2012

Everyone wants to know what you thought of The Dark Knight Rises for all the wrong reasons...

All the excitement for the new Batman movie promptly disappeared when I heard the horrific news about the shootings in Aurora, Colorado.

News vans Cinerama Dome
I'd actually planned to head to ArcLight Hollywood early to see the the original Batman, Catwoman and Bane costumes from The Dark Knight Rises on display in the cinema's foyer, but wasn't quite expecting the media circus outside the infamous Cinerama Dome.

Original movie costumes from The Dark Knight Rises
Dark Knight Rises movie costumes
Rather than to gauge people's enthusiasm for a big blockbuster movie opening, these journalists were wanting to talk to movie goers about their reaction to the tragic news and how it affected their decision to come see the last in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.
News vans Hollywood
I actually did see the film this morning and enjoyed it, but it was hard not to think when the lights went down how the victims in last night's shootings must have felt when an armed gunman (who they probably thought was part of a big PR stunt) came into the theatre and started killing people.

The Dark Knight Rises billboard at Sunset & Vine 
towers over the Cinerama Dome
Dark Knight Rises billboard
The Dark Knight had Heath Ledger's death surrounding it and now this movie sequel has an even more tragic tale to tell, but it shouldn't overshadow your enjoyment of the comic book movie itself.

I've no doubt the shooting will reopen the age old debate about violence in movies, but surely it should instead kickstart a discussion and action about the ownership of guns and the ease with which people can do so in America. How many more men, women and children need to die in schools, malls and cinemas before something is done.
Media circus Cinerama Dome
I grew up in a country where personal firearms are illegal, so it all seems so alien to me, but then when someone can go to their local supermarket and buy a gun, there's sure to be trouble.

People will obviously feel strongly about this, they'll quote the Second Amendment in the U.S. Constitution and their right to bear arms, but I personally think the world would be a safer place without such easy access to guns.

On a final note, regardless of how compelling the movie was, I'll take the colourful, fun super heroics of The Avengers over the grim and gritty Dark Knight any day...


Barbara said...

Violence in movies doesn't make people do things like this. Example: The Three Stooges. Only true idiots think that stuff is real.

This kind of violence comes from seriously disturbed people. If your own mother knows it's YOU that did it before anyone else does, you know there is history of some kind of break in reality.

That said, I HATE how news stations do this. Let's just put fear into everyone, k news guys?

Jason in Hollywood said...

I agree there's obviously something wrong if someone has a history of mental problems and can own a weapon that can inflict this harm.

I also agree that sensationalist journalism is sloppy and whips everyone into a frenzy without tackling the real issues, which is gun laws.

Also in the movie Batman says 'no guns' so take it from a real superhero.

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