Friday, July 27, 2012

Fashion and lifestyle billboards heating up July in L.A...

Handbags, jeans, perfume, alcohol, cars, phones and more, they've all been filling the skies of L.A. this month. Here's a round-up of July's best new fashion, drinks and lifestyle billboards.

Fashion billboards
Gucci handbag 2012 billboard
First up is Gucci debuting their new pre-Fall season handbags and clutches in their usual opulent way.
Hale Bob Summer 2012 billboard
Meanwhile Hale Bob brightens up Sunset Strip with its new Summery prints.
Silver Jeans sunshine billboard
And Silver Jeans shines a light on their denim offering with this atmospheric billboard.
Gap Fit billboard
Gap made a real sporty statement this month with its new Gap Fit women's activewear range ads, taking on the likes of Nike and Lululemon.
Make Jobs Not War billboard
Fashion brand Bleulab chose to highlight that its apparel is made right here in L.A. as if it was running for office and not just trying to sell clothes.
2xist male underwear model billboard
And what's Summer without a hot male model stripping off on the streets of L.A.

Fragrance billboards
Tom Ford Neroli Portofino fragrance billboard
Speaking of being naked, Tom Ford heated things up this month with this saucy soaped up billboard for his new Neroli Portofino fragrance range.
CK Eternity Aqua fragrance billboard
Calvin Klein introduced their Eternity Aqua perfume for women with this ethereal billboard, two years after than their male cologne version.
Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom billboard
And Jessica Simpson went all floral (and maybe a bit 'old lady') with a new perfume called 'Vintage Bloom'.
Drinks billboards
Idris Elba Tonight Tanqueray billboard
This month one of my favourite alcohol ads was this mono creative for Tanqueray gin featuring British actor Idris Elba.
Jennifer Aniston Smart Water billboard
Speaking of celebs, Jennifer Aniston was back in a big way this month with lots of billboards around town for Smart Water (funny name really, getting people to pay a premium for bottled water when you can already get it from the tap. Maybe not so smart).
Sierra Mist Natural billboards
Sierra Mist made an impression along L.A.'s Sunset Strip with this giant billboard installation, tailoring its tongue-in-cheek ad to the local audience.
Corona Extra Find your beach billboard 2012
Corona Extra continued its 'Find your beach' ad campaign with multiple creatives along Sunset Boulevard (although it's not that hard to find your beach in California, so I think this campaign may work harder in other parts of the world).
Find your beach Corona billboard
Meanwhile Remy Martin promoted its new non-cognac V clear spirit, which mixes well with tonic apparently.
Remy Martin Tonic billboard
Last August Vita Coco used Rihanna in its billboards for its coconut water drink and this year it looks like its the turn of Zico to launch another coconut water brand.
Zico Good things hydrate billboard
They may be pack-shot heavy ads, but they have some clever copy and a nice tropical ocean colour scheme.
Zico 72000 Palm trees billboard

Car billboards
Cadillac sea change asphalt billboard
Car ads are usually a bit dull and I'm not saying that this new Cadillac XTS billboard is anything exceptional, but what I do like is that it has real movement to it.
Porsche Boxster Closer heaven billboard
Meanwhile, something much more sexy and aspirational is the new Porsche Boxster, which I'm sure our Labrador Cooper would love to drive around L.A. in, if anyone is offering to buy us one.

Technology billboards
Giant Samsung Galaxy billboard
Samsung is having a great time at the moment overtaking Nokia and Apple in the smartphone market, so you can see why they're boasting with this super-sized billboard on the side of the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood.
Dolby Theatre A star is born billboard
Of special note this month is the fact that Dolby is publicizing its renaming of the 'Kodak Theatre' to the 'Dolby Theatre'. It's pretty big news here in Hollywoodland, the home of the Oscars, and the 'A star is born' tagline is a nice homage to all the movie industry.
Sonos Deadmau5 billboard
Sonos increased its brand presence this month for its wireless music system with a special extension billboard featuring the DJ Deadmau5 (who recently featured on the cover of Rolling Stone thereby making him more recognizable to those not in the know, or maybe thinking that this is a Mickey Mouse billboard for Disney).
iPad billboard summer 2012
And Apple started to roll out a second wave of ads to freshen up the campaign for its new iPad.

Health billboards
In Denial HIV test billboard
I love this 'In denial?' creative with the ostrich hiding its head in the sand, it's amazing how much fun you can have with design when you're talking about serious health issues like getting a free HIV test.
meth problem billboard
I also thought this ad for crystal meth was effective at catching your eye, and at first glance I even thought it was a movie or TV billboard.

Military billboards
National Guard student billboard
With so many troops fighting overseas the U.S. is always looking to recruit reserve military forces. This ad says you can keep your day job, but still be on call to help in cases of domestic emergencies and natural disasters.

Arts billboards
Helmut Newton 2012 billboard
And finally for this mixed bag of billboards, here's a holdover from June which was still gracing the skies of L.A. along Highland Avenue in July. This rather provocative billboard is for an exhibition of black and white photographs called 'Sex and landscapes' by Helmut Newton.

So it's been another busy, eclectic month all told and if you like all these be sure to check out my Daily Billboard blog every day for even more cool, fun, sexy and eye-catching creatives...

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