Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July's coolest TV and Movie billboards around L.A.

July has had quite a smattering of television and cinematic wonders to shout about and the skies around L.A. have been filled with a fantastic assortment of super-sized, special extension and special installation billboards to grab your attention.

TV billboards
Giant Political Animals billboard Sunset Strip
First up was this giant-sized billboard along Sunset Boulevard for Sigourney Weaver's new Political Animals drama.
Giant Perception billboard
Next saw the return of Will & Grace's Eric McCormack to TV with a suitably Dali-esque visual for TNT's new take on the crime series genre, Perception.
American Gypsies TV billboard
And just when you thought they'd run out of ideas for reality TV shows, along comes American Gypsies to dispel all those myths and preconceptions you have about the romany folk.
Giant All The Right Moves billboard
Meanwhile Oxygen takes some former contestants and winners of So You Think You Can Dance for a new fly-on-the-wall reality series about a fledgling all-male dance company in All The Right Moves.
Alphas season 2 billboard
The return of the Alphas is a bright spot for my Summer as I like this low-key superhuman sci-fi drama.
Grimm season 2 TV billboard
Plus the fairytale cop show, Grimm, is also back for a sophomore season and it hardly feels like the fantasy show has been off our screens at all.
Black Dynamite Adult Swim billboard
This special extension billboard for Adult Swim's new blaxploitation animation series, Black Dynamite, really stood out this month with this super-cool 70's inspired visual.
Pablo Escobar billboard
Finally for TV, this billboard for Pablo Escobar: El Patron Del Mal really made a strong statement along Sunset Strip for the story about the Columbian drug lord.

Movie billboards
Total Recall remake billboard
With The Dark Knight Rises being one of the most talked about movies in July, sadly not just for cinematic reasons, other films also had to break through all the blockbuster hoopla to stand out.

The Total Recall remake starring Colin Farrell in the lead role certainly had lots of billboard creatives around L.A. this month.
Total Recall remake billboard
Another movie with ads everywhere throughout June and at the beginning of July was Savages.
Savages movie billboard
Unfortunately Oliver Stone's drug cartel thriller failed to set the box office alight (and Taylor Kitsch still can't seem to land a winning movie after John Carter and Battleships).
Giant Savages billboard
This month also saw the return of the prehistoric Ice Age crew for a fourth CGI-animated outing.
Ice Age Continental Drift billboard
These special extension billboards for Continental Drift, featuring the sabretoothed-squirrel 'Scrat' and his pals, really caught my eye in July with their colourful, fun creatives.
Ice Age 4 Continental Drift billboard
Another franchise returning for a third movie, and growing up rapidly, is Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.
Dog Days Diary Wimpy Kid billboard
One of the best teases this month was for the fourth installment in the 'Bourne' movie series.
Bourne Legacy teaser billboard
With Matt Damon not wanting to reprise his winning role as 'Jason Bourne' at this time for another film, Jeremy Renner steps in as another deadly agent for another top secret CIA program.
Bourne Legacy movie billboard
More sequel madness ensued this month with lots of movie billboards for Step Up Revolution around the streets of L.A. The dance movie franchise is back for a fourth installment with another SYTYCD alumni, Kathryn McCormick.
Step Up 4 Revolution movie billboard
Not a sequel, but recycling a movie title from a 2003 Colin Firth movie is Hope Springs starring the ever fabulous Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones in a mid-life comedy (which looks hilarious from the trailer).
Hope Springs movie billboard
Another film title borrowing liberally from another movie is The Odd Life of Timothy Green, which in my mind evokes The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
Odd Life of Timothy Green billboard
I love this giant-sized billboard for the Disney movie along Sunset Plaza, so let's hope it's not the same snoozefest as Brad Pitt's 2008 film.
Watch movie billboard
Speaking of titles, Ben Stiller's new comedy The Watch had to tinker with its film title from 'Neighbourhood Watch', after the scandal surrounding the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida.
Campaign special installation movie billboard
Probably my favourite billboard campaign this month has to be for the new Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis political comedy, The Campaign.

Not only do they have a duo of special installation billboards featuring mannequins of each other defacing the opponents election campaign ad, but there's also a plethora of other funny ads for the movie around L.A.
Campaign movie billboard
And another series of billboards I like this month is for the new stop-motion animated movie, with a rather cool play-on-words title, ParaNorman. Check out more ParaNorman movie billboards at my Daily Billboard blog.
ParaNorman movie billboard
Let's hope August offers as many TV and movie delights next month. In the meantime, be sure to check out July's best fashion and lifestyle billboards from around L.A.

Until another round-up next month, keep your eyes to the skies...

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