Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A sculptural whimsy called The Unconscious...

I may be a bit late spotting this whimsical sculpture at the corner of Beverly Drive and Wilshire Boulevard, but it still caught my eye in the L.A. sunshine today.

The Unconscious sculpture by Franz West 
Unconscious Franz West sculpture
It's not often I venture into Beverly Hills, the designer stores are slightly out of my price range for everyday shopping, but wandering around in the heat today I can across this intriguing piece of public art, like a twisty tangerine dream.
Unconscious Franz West sculpture
The fun sculpture by Franz West even has some seats built into it in case you need to rest your legs carrying all those shopping bags loaded with treats from Rodeo Drive.
Unconscious Franz West sculpture
Researching online I think the piece appeared sometime in October 2010, so it's still relatively new (or I'm just fashionably late finding it).
The Unconscious Franz West sculpture
Regardless, this discovery brightened my day (although maybe not as much as something from Prada would have)...

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