Saturday, July 28, 2012

'Twas the night before Christmas (or my first San Francisco Marathon)...

Call them pre-marathon jitters or just nervous excitement, but in the run up to a marathon it's like waiting for Christmas Day. There's all that anticipation and you know something big and important is coming.

Race packet pick-up at the San Francisco Marathon Expo
Jason San Francisco Marathon Expo 2012
That's how I feel about my inaugural San Francisco Marathon, especially as it's the first I've trained for by myself and because I've had some real knee injury issues this training season.

I'm hoping adrenaline and stamina will get me through the 26.2 miles and I'm sure running one of my favourite cities will help immensely too (especially speeding over the iconic Golden Gate Bridge twice).

All prepared and ready to go
San Francisco Marathon race kit
More motivation comes in the fact there'll be two medals waiting for me at the Finish Line, one for San Francisco LA/SF ChallengeMedal, after already completing the L.A. Marathon in March this year.

I'll also be spurred on by the spectacular opening ceremony festivities at the London Olympics which were truly inspiring and made me feel proud to be a Brit. In my mind I'll be running for gold too.
Jason San Francisco Marathon Expo 2012
Look for my bib no. 40317 and cheer me along the course if you see me.

Hills, what hills...

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