Sunday, July 15, 2012

Um, where'd all those hills come from in San Francisco...?

With only two weeks to go until my first San Francisco Marathon I decided to revisit the course elevation chart just to prepare myself. OMG, how did I miss all those hills when I signed up to run this?

San Francisco Marathon course elevation
As a comparison here's the relatively flat course for the Los Angeles Marathon that I've run the last two years, much easier terrain.

L.A. Marathon course elevation
And here's what I have to look forward with the 26.2 mile course in Hawaii in December. Legs, don't fail me now (I knew there was a reason I'd been having so much physio and massage treatments to make me race ready).

Honolulu Marathon course elevation
This is when running for a cause, and not just for your own sense of achievement, can really help motivate you.
Training T2 Team to End AIDS
I'm running with T2: Team to End AIDS to benefit AIDS Project L.A. which helps hundreds of people every day living with HIV and AIDS.

You can show your support by DONATING TODAY.

I can also offer advertising opportunities on my three blogs for commercial sponsors, so do get in touch in this interests you.

Let the countdown to San Francisco, and this hills, begin...

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