Thursday, August 30, 2012

New season TV and summer movie billboards around L.A. in August...

August has certainly been a busy month for TV and movie billboards and with the Fall television season imminent, the skies around L.A. are only going to get more crammed. Check out this eclectic collection of televisual and cinematic treats.

TV billboards
Giant Boardwalk Empire season 3 teaser billboard
First up are the giant teaser and official season three billboard for HBO's Prohibition era drama, Boardwalk Empire.
Boardwalk Empire season 3 billboard
Another historical drama billboard, this time celebrating its glut of Emmy nominations, is The History Channel's Hatfields & McCoys.
Hatfields McCoys Emmy billboard
Raising hell for their second season were these gritty billboards for Hell on Wheels, AMC's post-Civil War Western.
Hell on Wheels season 2 billboard
Historical dramas have always been a speciality of the BBC, so they obviously didn't want to miss out on the current trend with their new period crime drama set in the 1860's New York, Copper.
Copper TV billboard
CBS also wants to cash in on the recent successes of the 1960's Mad Men era, but this time with a gangster Western twist set in Vegas. If you're a fan of Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis, be sure to check out more series premiere billboards around L.A. for Vegas.
Giant Vegas TV billboard
I've just finished watching and throughly enjoyed the first season of Boss, starring Kelsey Grammar as the powerful Mayor of Chicago. It's certainly tough, gritty and hard going at times, but compelling viewing, so this slaughterhouse creative for the second season makes even more sense knowing that 'Mayor Tom Kane' will do anything to stay at the top of the political heap.
Giant Boss season 2 TV billboards
If you like this ad, be sure to check out the season one billboards for Starz Boss too.
Coma TV remake billboard
One of the coolest looking TV billboards around town this month was this arresting sci-fi creative for the mini-series remake of Coma.
Giant Grimm season 2 billboard
Fairytale cop show Grimm was back in a big way for its sophomore season with this super-sized billboard at NBC Studios in Burbank.
Giant Strike Back season 2 billboard Hollywood
And international espionage thriller Strike Back also wanted to draw attention to their second season too with this giant wall mural in the heart of Hollywood.
Last Resort TV billboard
Another military themed drama coming this season is Last Resort about a U.S. submarine crew that betrays orders and escapes to an exotic island to hideout.
Sons of Anarchy season 5 billboard
Biker drama Sons of Anarchy is back for a fifth season on FX with this cool billboard design in the skies of L.A.
Major Crimes season 1 billboard
Launching out of final season of The Closer, Major Crimes looks like it has one of the biggest casts ever.
NTSF:SD:SUV:: season 2 billboard
And procedural parody show NTSF:SD:SUV:: returns for a second spoof-filled season on Adult Swim.
The Voice season 3 billboard
Christina Aguilera and her fellow mentors on The Voice are back to select the best singers for the third season of the reality talent contest.
A Chance to Dance billboard
And just when you thought there weren't enough reality shows on television, A Chance to Dance spins-off from the producers of the popular So You Think You Can Dance.
Braxton Family Values season 3 billboard
Singer and actress Toni Braxton and her family of divas bring the drama back for a third outing of Braxton Family Values.
Go On sitcom billboard
Meanwhile Friends Matthew Perry tries his luck with another comedy series, this time about a therapy group designed to help him get over the death of his wife. Let's hope it fairs better than his Mr. Sunshine sitcom flop.
Childrens Hospital season 4 billboard
Adult Swim's Childrens Hospital spoof of medical dramas just got nominated for an Emmy, so they have something to smile about for their fourth season.
Roseanne Roast Comedy Central billboard
In August Roseanne Barr got roasted by friends and 'frenemies' alike on Comedy Central and got this billboard to promote the event.
Burn Jeff Ross billboard
Meanwhile this billboard shows that comedian Jeff Ross is not afraid to give deserving politicians and C-list celebs a tongue-lashing and roasting when they deserve it, in The Burn.
Regular Show Cartoon Network billboard
The Cartoon Network's Regular Show gets a fourth season and suitably quirky billboard for the animated series.

Movie billboards
Sparkle movie billboard The Grove
Unfortunately Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston failed to make their Sparkle movie remake shine this month at the box office.
Hunger Games Bluray billboard
But a DVD and Blu-ray certain to fly off the shelves is the first installment in The Hunger Games movie saga.
Expendables 2 movie billboard
The Expendables 2 may have proved there's still life in the old action heroes yet, but most people thought they could survive without seeing it at the cinema.
Bourne Legacy Grimm billboards
It may have been the fourth movie in the franchise, plus sported a totally different star, but this month The Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner didn't disappoint.
Campaign special installation billboard
I loved seeing these special installation billboards around L.A. for election comedy, The Campaign, and can't help but feel this billboard is a contender for the BABs Awards at Daily Billboard.
ParaNorman movie billboard
There were also lots of different creatives around the streets for the animated fantasy ParaNorman. If you're fan of stop-motion animation, be sure to check out these original puppets and models from ParaNorman on display.
Giant Finding Nemo 3D movie billboard Sunset Strip
This September Finding Nemo finds its way back into cinemas in 3D and this spectacular super-sized creative arrived in August along the Sunset Strip to promote the Disney/Pixar classic.
Giant Hotel Transylvania movie billboard
Whilst, Hotel Transylvania offers a new slice of computer-animated comedy with Count Dracula's five-star resort for monsters.

Video games billboards
Giant Darksiders II billboard
Finally this month, there were lots of ads lining the skies for the Darksiders II video game, with the ominous 'Death Lives' tagline helping to catch your eye.
Death Lives Darksiders II billboard
As you can see there's been no shortage of TV and film billboards in August and with a season of new television series debuting and favourites returning you can be sure there are many more to come.

Be sure to check out my Daily Billboard blog for all the latest TV and movie billboards and come back again next month for another comprehensive round-up...

Obama Once you go black, you never go back...

This latest rooftop display along L.A.'s Fountain Avenue may not be the most politically correct installation, but it certainly is fun, timely and a great local PR boost for President Obama.

Once you go black, you never go back - Obama 2012
Back in 2009 ChadMichael Morisette created a Super Obama rooftop display when the President was on his first election campaign trail and it looks like he's showing his support for the Democrat once again.
With all the lies and hatred spewing forth from the Republican Conference in Florida these past few days, it's nice to see that Obama's supporters can rise above it all and have a sense of humour about their Presidential candidate.
I'm certain that the only way to equality, economic growth and healthcare reform in America lies with Obama so if you voted for the President the first time, don't change your mind now.
As the sign says, there's no going back...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fun drinks and lifestyle billboards around L.A. and San Francisco in August...

You've already seen the plethora of fashion billboards around L.A. in August, so here's the eclectic collection of drinks, food and lifestyle billboards lining the skies of Los Angeles, and some gems from San Francisco too.

Drinks billboards
Stoli Salted Karamel Vodka billboard
First up are two giant-sized billboards from the quirky new Stoli Most Original Vodka campaign, the first from L.A.'s Sunset Strip and the second spied near Union Square in San Francisco.
Stoli Most Original Table Service billboard
Next up is another super-sized creative from Heineken on the side of the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood. I find it an interesting approach that the Dutch beer plays up its imported credentials when there's a real protectionist 'Made in America' vibe with most products in this economic climate.
Giant Heineken Imported billboard
Another beer brand, Beck's, showcased its limited edition artist designed label on this billboard along Sunset & Vine.
Becks Dont forget beer billboard
Meanwhile I'm liking Bacardi's new ad campaign which positions it as the essential ingredient in classic cocktails.
Bacardi Original Mojito billboard
Tanqueray gin continues to have a presence along Sunset Strip with this refreshing creative.
Tanqueray gin Sunset Swings billboard
And following on from Sprite's skateboarder billboard, here's another sporty basketball execution for the soda brand helping them to target that youth market.
Sprite basketball billboard

Food billboards
Temecula Avocado billboard
In June I spotted an Avocado bilboard from Morro Bay and here's another creative for Temecula, another part of California. As you can see these ads witty support locally grown products versus Heineken's emphasis on being 'imported'.
Chipotle Here goes the neighborhood billboard
Another food brand with a sense of humour is Chipotle Mexican Grill who recently opened a new restaurant at Melrose and La Brea Avenues, using this ad to draw attention to themselves.
Cheetos Best thing to happen to cheese billboard
This Cheetos ad seems to be everywhere at the moment and certainly brings a smile to my face whenever I see it.
Chobani Team USA billboard
And it wouldn't be right to not have an Olympic themed billboard this month and this one was for Chobani yogurt powering Team USA was snapped in San Francisco.

Financial billboards
Wells Fargo cash flow billboard
Finance and insurance billboards can often be dull and boring, but I like the wit and simplicity of this Wells Fargo copy creative.
Mercury Weeeee billboard
Plus here's another creative in a very long line of variations for Mercury with a Three Little Pigs fairytale theme. Be sure to also check out more witty copy billboards for Mercury Insurance at my Daily Billboard blog.

Health and safety billboards
Wildfire embers billboard
With it being super-hot this month this billboard for wildfire prevention really caught my eye. The burnt paper effect on the right-hand side is a nice touch and gets the safety message across in a clever way.
Use a condom hardhat billboard
Meanwhile, this simple condom billboard cleverly uses seat-belts and hard hat imagery to visually hammer home its safe sex message, just like these other fun safe sex billboards.

Technology billboards
Webpass not you me billboard
In San Francisco's Financial District this Webpass billboard grabbed my attention by equating your internet service provider with a personal relationship and how to break up with them.
Apple iPad3 keyboard billboard
Plus Apple continued the second wave of its ad campaign for the iPad 3 around town.

Arts billboards
Poultry Rex Fairfax Avenue billboard
Finally is this quirky Poultry Rex billboard along Fairfax Avenue near Melrose Avenue which I believe is part of L.A.'s outdoor art program.

As you can see there's been a real mixed bag of lifestyle billboards this month and you can see more variety every day at Daily Billboard.

Be sure to also stick around in the days to come for a cool round-up of August's best TV and movie billboards around L.A...