Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Castro's rainbow flag always fills me with Pride...

If you live in San Francisco then you're probably lucky enough to see The Castro's giant Pride flag most, if not every day. Whenever I'm in San Francisco I always like to make the pilgrimage to the rainbow-coloured flag as it reminds me of how proud I am to be gay.

Giant Pride flag Castro
As a gay community we always think we've come so far (and we have, don't get me wrong), but living in more open-mided and permissive cities like L.A., San Francisco and New York it's easy to forget that not everyone in the world is able to fly a flag like this, celebrate their individuality or express themselves the way they desire.
Giant Pride flag Castro
There are still so many homophobic organisations, politicians like Mitt Romney, and even fast-food companies like Chick-fil-a, who are openly and proudly anti-gay, that it's even more important that we continue to celebrate and show our pride visibly.
Castro Pride flag San Francisco
So here's to more equality and more big gay flags like this all across America and around the world.

It's an election year in the U.S., so this year do the world a favour and vote Obama, vote gay...


prabubiru's blog said...

i hope one day i can fligh to that place , beautiful city with open minded peoples
by the way nice blog Jason :)

Jason in Hollywood said...

San Francisco is a great city (with great food) and thanks for the kind words!

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