Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Olympic spirit takes to the rooftops in West Hollywood...

After my own sporty weekend running the San Francisco Marathon, I returned to West Hollywood to spy a new Olympic Games inspired addition to the rooftops.

Lets Get Physical Olympics rooftop installation
It's been quite some time since one of these novel rooftop installations has graced the skies along Fountain Avenue, so it's nice to see this 'Let's get physical' brainchild of ChadMichael Morisette once again brightening the neighborhood.
Get Physical Olympics rooftop display
There's certainly lots of patriotic Team U.S.A. spirit flying about the country at the moment and everyone seems to be enjoying the London Olympics (even if the NBC coverage is appallingly delayed on traditional TV).
Olympics rooftop installation WEHO
Let's hope all this national pride can convert into medals and this display of gymnastics is not in vain.
Let's Get Physical Olympics rooftop installation
If you like this display, be sure to check out previous creations supporting gay marriage, Halloween rooftop installations and even a tribute to Kylie Minogue.

And the Gold Medal for creativity goes to...

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