Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cool movie, game and performing arts billboards...

Aside from all the new season TV, fashion and lifestyle billboards around the streets of L.A., there's also been a nice selection of movie, video game, music and performing arts billboards to appreciate.

Movie billboards
Hobbit movie teaser billboard
To kick us off here's a teaser for the first installment in The Hobbit Trilogy, with Gandalf about to embark on An Unexpected Journey with Bilbo Baggins of The Shire.
Possession movie billboard
And here's a horror hold over from last month to get everyone in the mood for Halloween, The Possession, with a tried an tested demon vomit creative.
Trouble with Curve movie billboard
This evocative Trouble with the Curve movie billboard took on a whole new meaning when Clint Eastwood decided to have a little rant an an empty chair at the Republican Party Conference. His character may be retiring from baseball scouting, but I think it's time for Clint to retire his political appearances before he embarrasses himself further.
Dredd 3D movie billboard
Judgement came for the new Judge Dredd movie this month as it unfortunately bombed in the U.S. after a great box office in the U.K., which is no surprise considering this comic book character originated in the pages of the iconic British sci-fi comic 2000 AD.
Resident Evil Retribution movie billboard
The Resident Evil film franchise got a fifth installment and they really should have stopped at four, as Retribution returned to its video game origins in a bad way. It's funny that the billboards for the movie showed various worldwide landmarks destroyed, like London's Big Ben, but they don't even appear in the film.
Looper movie billboard
One movie on my must-see list is Looper, which promises to be an interesting slice of sci-fi starring an older and younger version of Bruce Willis interacting with each other.
Hotel Transylvania movie billboard
Another film with lots of different character creatives this month was Count Dracula's luxury resort, Hotel Transylvania.
Hotel Transylvania billboard
Be sure to check them all out including this giant-sized Hotel Transylvania billboard.
End Watch movie billboard
Jake Gyllenhaal was back amongst the skies of L.A. this month with a shaven head and on screen cop partner Michael Pena in this billboard for the gritty End of Watch.
Argo movie billboard
Another movie high on my must-see list is the latest offering from Ben Affleck, who's experiencing quite the comeback as an actor and a great director too.
Here Comes Boom movie billboard
Meanwhile Kevin James takes up mixed martial arts fighting to battle for essential extra funds for his high school students in Here Comes the Boom.
Steel Magnolias Lifetime remake billboard
And the classic 1989 weepy Steel Magnolias gets an all-black makeover on Lifetime with a strong cast including Queen Latifah, Jill Scott and Alfre Woodard.
Charlize Theron Epix movie billboard
The Epix Channel boasts its big movie selection this month with an ad campaign featuring the likes of Charlize Theron, Tom Cruise and Tyler Perry.
Tyler Perry Epix movie billboard

Performing Arts billboards
Giant Book of Mormon musical billboard
The Book of Mormon had this fantastic billboard on the side of the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood for the touring version of the hit Broadway musical.
Limitless LA Phil 2012 billboard
And as the Hollywood Bowl winds down for the Summer, the advertising kicks off for the L.A. Philharmonic's Winter season at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles.

Music billboards
Company Men Key Club billboard
The Sunset Strip is infamous for its music and here's a rather dapper, and slightly less rocker look for The Company Men performing live at The Key Club.
Giant Swedish House Mafia billboard
In addition this rather cool negative style giant billboard for electric dance trio, Swedish House Mafia, appeared at the end of September replacing The Book of Mormon ad.

Game billboards
Borderlands 2 video game billboard
More super-sized billboards along Sunset Strip came this month in the form of these for the Borderlands 2 video game.
Dishonored video game billboard
Whilst another billboard for the assassin video game Dishonored was spotted crouching in the skies further east along Sunset Boulevard.

If you liked these creatives, be sure to check out September 2012's new season TV billboard round-up, plus all the latest fashion and lifestyle billboards around L.A.

Until next month, keep your eyes to the skies...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

September's fragrance, fashion and lifestyle billboards around L.A...

Even though there has been an abundance of new TV shows filling L.A.'s skyline this month, there's still been plenty of room left for stylish advertising from luxury brands and high street stores alike, plus drinks and travel companies. Here's a round-up of the best of what September had to offer.

Fragrance billboards
Blake Lively Gucci Premiere fragrance billboard
Designer brands went head-to-head this month and rolled out the big guns in the form of Hollywood stars to endorse their new scents. For Gucci Premiere Blake Lively provided some timeless Hollywood glamour, with what looks like Tinseltown shimmering through the window in the background.
Alexander Skarsgard Calvin Klein Encounter fragrance billboard
Meanwhile literally across the street, True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard put away the vampire teeth to look all rugged for Calvin Klein's new Encounter men's fragrance.
Bleu de Chanel fragrance billboard
And French actor Gaspard Ulliel returned once more to the skies of Sunset Plaza as the face of Bleu de Chanel fragrance.
Burberry Body fragrance billboard
Also reappearing this month is this revealing billboard for Burberry Body perfume featuring Transformers 3 star and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

For more great celebrity fragrance billboards past and present, be sure to also take a look at my Daily Billboard blog.

Fashion and beauty billboards
Giant Very Perry Ellis billboard
This month one of my favourite fashion ads gracing Sunset Boulevard was this super-sized billboard for Perry Ellis with its quirky over-sized bow tie really catching your eye.
2Xist Athletic mens underwear billboard
It's also important to have eye candy with a few less clothes on too, like this buff specimen for 2(X)ist's Athletic underwear range.
Amazon fashion Smart is beautiful billboard
Interestingly this month also saw the arrival of fashion ads for, which I think is due to the online retailer folding former standalone fashion site,, into its fashion offering.
Amazon fashion Smart is beautiful billboard
You have to wonder how long Amazon's other fashion website,, will last as a separate entity now.
Tom Ford Woman FW 2012 billboard
Tom Ford for Women once again added a striking dash of red to the Sunset Strip this month.
Prada FW 2012 eyewear billboard
And Prada continued its Fall/Winter campaign with this stylish new Prada Eyewear billboard.
Diane Von Furstenberg FW 2012 billboard
It's the first time I've seen Diane Von Furstenberg take to the skies of L.A., and this interesting handbag ad is like an optical illusion resembling a pair of lips (in my mind anyway).
Gap guitar billboard
Gap continues to 'Be Bright' with their Modern Icons ad campaign and this arresting guitar billboard featuring singer/songwriter Kaki King.
Joes Jeans Melrose Place store billboard
And Joe's Jeans modifies its recent Vintage Reserve ad to better highlight its Melrose Place store.
Hale Bob sun lounger billboard
Hale Bob changes creatives and proves there's still lots of time for lounging in the sun in L.A.
Hudson Jeans Georgia May Jagger billboard
Meanwhile Georgia May Jagger, the youngest daughter of Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger, looks twice as stylish for Hudson Jeans.
Stuart Weitzman boots billboard FW 2012
This month model Natalia Vodianova strikes a pose in some kinky boots for Stuart Weitzman along the Sunset Strip.
Aldo Shoes bathtub billboard
And Aldo Shoes had this wonderfully quirky bathtub billboard, which would stand out even more if the vinyl had been installed correctly and wasn't sagging so much on the left-hand side.
Giant UGG for Men billboard Hollywood
UGG Australia continued to advertise their offering for men with this giant billboard at Hollywood's busy Sunset & Vine.
Ippolita jewelry billboard FW 2012
And in the skies above Sunset Plaza luxury jewelry brands Ippolita and David Yurman battled it out for fashion accessory supremacy.
David Yurman jewelry horse billboard
Another beauty ad that caught my eye this month was this luscious creative for the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy, which really stands out from afar with those hot pink lips.
Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy lips billboard

Drinks billboards
Giant Tsingtao beer party billboard
Meanwhile the Chinese invasion continues, as not only are they importing consumer electronics and cars these days, but also Tsingtao beer.
Tsingtao Chinese beer billboard
But the question remains, can the Chinese take on the Dutch and their Heineken and the Belgians with their Stella Artois imported beer. Here's the latest clever ad from Stella Artois making an impression along Sunset Strip.
Stella Artois largest microbrewery billboard
For a bit more daring beer you obviously have to taste Pacifico beer and then you'll be able to surf and dive with the best of them.
Pacifico Beer billboards
This billboard for Espolon Tequila made me smile this month with its Western feel with a nice contemporary twist to it.
Espolon Tequila Tonight we ride billboard
Stoli continued their irreverent new ad campaign with this disco ball duo of billboards on the side of the W Hotel in Hollywood. Be sure to check out the other quirky Stoli Vodka billboards from around L.A., New York and San Francisco in recent months.
Stoli Vodka glitterball billboards Hollywood
And Svedka's cheeky fembot was back to entice you to sample the best vodka of 2033.
Svedka Vodka billboard Hollywood
Those zingy colours truly do pop on these new neon ads.
Svedka Vodka billboard Sunset Strip
And finally for drinks, here's a soft beverage billboard for Coca-Cola's sponsorship of the 2012 London Olympics (although I still think it's questionable to have a calorific and unhealthy soda associated with such high-profile sports event, no matter how much I like the taste).
Coke Olympic swimmer billboard

Technology billboards
Verizon Share Everything billboard
This month Verizon encourages their customers to 'share everything' no matter how many devices you may have in your household.
Giant Samsung Galaxy SIII billboard Sunset Strip
Plus Samsung continues to push its Galaxy SIII smartphone in a big way to challenge Apple's iPhone.
Sonos billboard
And Sonos adds another lighthearted, yet not as arresting, ad after their recent Deadmau5 billboard creative.
Travel billboards
Virgin America Fly music billboard
Virgin America returned to the skies this month with another fun campaign highlighting their inflight technology and entertainment systems.
Virgin America Fly WiFi billboard
If you're a fan of the airline, be sure to check out their previous Virgin America Breath of fresh airline billboards.
Tahiti travel billboard
And what better way to end this round-up than with the perfect beach billboard to inspire you for the weekend, courtesy of Tahiti tourist board. Just 8 hours from L.A. you say?

Be sure to come back next month for another collection of the best fashion and lifestyle billboards around the City of Angels, and in the meantime be sure to follow Daily Billboard
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