Saturday, September 1, 2012

Colourful New York street art to brighten your day and kick-start your month...

What better way to kick off a new month than some inspiration courtesy of the street art I glimpsed on my recent whirlwind trip to New York City this week.

Eduardo Kobra's V-J Day in Times Square mural tribute
VJ Day tribute wall mural Eduardo Kobra NYC
First up is Eduardo Kobra's dazzling wall mural homage to the 'V-J Day in Times Square' photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt, which captured an American sailor kissing a woman on Victory over Japan Day in Times Square on August 14, 1945.
VJ Day tribute Kobra mural Chelsea NYC
I spied this rainbow-hued mural by the Brazilian artist in Chelsea whilst walking along the raised High Line park, which is always a joy to walk through.

Women (065, 055) billboard by Elad Lassry alongside the High Line
Elad Lassry Women 065 055 billboard High Line
Another piece of public art that pleased my billboard-loving aesthetic, was this quirky green billboard installation of two women gazing out through portholes with very different expressions.

Charlie Hewitt's Urban Rattle sculpture
Urban Rattle Charlie Hewitt sculpture
Urban Rattle sculpture High Line
Next is another sight from the High Line, Charlie Hewitt's 'Urban Rattle' sculpture at the luxury rental complex Ten23, between 22nd and 23rd Streets on 10th Avenue.
Urban Rattle Charlie Hewitt sculpture
Urban Rattle sculpture NYC
This colourful piece of sculptural whimsy reminds me of tulips, or crazy-shaped flowers at least.
An Homage to Classic Sculpture by dEmo & Missoni
Michelangelos David statue homage dEmo NYC
David statue homage dEmo NYC
Another quirky piece of art that made me smile on Tuesday down in Manhattan's Meatpacking District was this quirky homage to Michelangelo's 'David' statue by Spanish artist dEmo, clad from the neck down in a classic zig-zag Missoni pattern.
David statue homage dEmo Missoni
David statue homage dEmo  Missoni
Hopefully these bits of whimsy have inspired and amused you, which is always a nice way to start a new month.

Now let's see what the rest of September holds for us all...

UPDATED: Here's also the colourful Kobra mural at street level photographed in November 2015...
VJ Day tribute mural Eduardo Kobra NYC

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