Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Costume inspiration from West Hollywood Halloween Carnavals past...

This year I'm struggling with what to wear to the annual West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval. Should it be an old favourite like Spider-man or Wonder Woman, or something slightly more comfortable than spandex? Decisions, decisions, and almost less than a month to make up my mind. Here's some Halloween costume inspiration from previous years if you're struggling with your outfit too.

Halloween 2011
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Wonder Woman costumes
Last Halloween I was Wonder Woman and I tried to hunt down as many of the iconic Amazon as I could along Santa Monica Boulevard, check out the photos of West Hollywood's Wonder Women.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval zombie 2011
This zombie was one of my favourite costumes from the haunted evening, especially as this undead fellow had such a sense of humour and totally committed to his look.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval disco costumes
I've always loved mirrorballs and disco, so this groovy looking couple certainly caught my magpie eye.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Queen
And who can resist a good Queen along Santa Monica Boulevard, not I. This impersonation of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II is spot on.
Princess Leia West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Being a fan of the original Star Wars films and drag, I thought this muscular Princess Leia was a big hit (in more ways than one).
Katy Perry cupcake costume Halloween Carnaval
And there's always someone ready to emulate their favourite pop star like Katy Perry. Let's face it, you can't go wrong with blue hair and a bra full of cupcakes.

Halloween 2010
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval drag 2010
Meanwhile the 2010 Carnaval was full of enterprising individuals game for a laugh and willing to strike a pose.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Tron costume 2010
Some people stood out more than others, like this homemade original Tron costume. If you like this, be sure to check out more original Tron costumes at my Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props blog.
Avatar aliens West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2010
In 2010 I went out to play amongst the friendly-neighbourhood crowds as Spider-man and got cornered by some blue-skinned Na'vi aliens from Avatar.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2010
Everyone seemed to be having a fun time and making the most of the chance to dress up with thousands of other Halloween Carnaval goers.
Nightmare before Christmas costumes Halloween
Halloween Jack and Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas was a great costume choice for couples.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2010 Smurfs
And if you had the body and enough blue makeup, Smurfs always make for an arresting and instantly recognisable costume.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2010 fat-suits
And if you are feeling a tad body conscious these ballerina fat-suits are the perfect outfit to feel totally relaxed and at ease (although you'd better hope for a cool evening otherwise they may turn into sweat-suits).
WEHO Halloween Carnaval 2010 flight attendants
If you get lost amidst all the chaos, there's always someone willing to point you in the right direction. You can't go wrong with a couple of Pan Am trolley-dollys.

Halloween 2009
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2009 devil
In 2009 there were some folks who couldn't decide whether they wanted to be naughty or nice, so they opted for both like this devilish angel.
Batman Robin costumes West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2009
We weren't the only Dynamic Duo taking to the streets that year either, and there's nothing like a Batman and Robin muscle-suit to give you instant pecs and a six-pack.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2009
With so many supernatural spooks and ghouls roaming the streets, fortunately there was some angelic folks to absolve you of all your sins.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2009 costumes
Plus rock'n'roll legends and silver screen goddesses returned from dead to cavort with scantily-clad chieftains.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Nurse Joker
And one of my favorite costumes from 2009 had to be this twisted 'Nurse Joker' outfit inspired by Heath Ledger's phenomenal performance in The Dark Knight.

If you're still stuck for costume ideas, be sure to check out even more photos from West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval 2010 and 2011.

Happy haunting...

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