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More new season TV billboards from around L.A. in September...

The skies of L.A. have once again been jam-packed with new season TV show billboards in September, all hoping to grab your attention and get you watching. Half the fun though, is seeing who survives their first few episodes before the casualties start mounting up and the series cancellations kick in. Will they make three, six or maybe more episodes, only time will tell.

This image not available billboard
I'm not sure if this first billboard is a teaser for a show or merely an art installation, but I thought its quirky tone was a great way to begin this collection of fantastic television billboards.

TV billboards
Giant Homeland season 2 billboard
First up is this fantastic giant-sized billboard for the second season of Homeland, who dominated the 64th Primetime Emmys with four coveted awards for the terrorism drama - Best Actress for Claire Danes, Best Actor for Damian Lewis, Best Writing and Outstanding Drama Series.
Giant Revolution billboard
Next up is a super-sized ad for RevolutionNBC's sci-fi drama set fifteen years in the future where all power and technology no longer works. The concept has such potential, but two episodes in and I'm not convinced yet.
Arrow TV billboard
Providing some eye candy in the skies of L.A. is Stephen Amell as a new incarnation of the DC Comics archer, Green Arrow.
Arrow Aim for Justice special installation billboard
Not only is the main billboard great to look at, but the 'Aim for Justice' teaser billboard recently got a whole lot cooler above the Sunset Strip's Whisky A Go-Go club with the addition of three arrows embedded in the ad. Such a clever idea and so eye-catching.
666 Park Avenue TV billboard
One of my favourite new season billboards has to be for ABC's 666 Park Avenue series. The design is so dramatic with the 666 cleverly worked into the look of the descending staircase, suggestively winding its way down to Hell. Hopefully the show will bring a bit of scary viewing to mainstream TV screens this Fall.
Made in Jersey TV billboard
Other creatives are less exciting, like Made in Jersey, and this legal drama is certainly an underdog which will have to perform on screen to avoid the chopping block methinks.
Mob Doctor TV billboard
On the other hand I think the series premiere billboard for The Mob Doctor is pretty compelling. There's nothing like being literal about having blood on your hands and praying for absolution.
Bomb Girls billboard
Meanwhile Bomb Girls debuting on Reelz Channel paid tribute to J. Howard Miller's iconic WWII wartime propaganda poster 'We Can Do It' with their billboard creative.
Giant Nashville billboard
In Nashville Connie Britton plays a legendary country singer challenged by an ambitious young star played by Hayden Panettiere, but it looks like she's not giving up her guitar throne without a fight.
Elementary billboard
Despite the BBC beating them to the punch in 2010, CBS are trying their luck with a new take on iconic detective 'Sherlock Holmes' with Elementary, based in modern day New York City and giving 'Dr. Watson' a gender swap in the form of Lucy Liu.
Mentalist TNT billboard
Another procedural investigation show getting a new billboard this month is The Mentalist for its reruns on TNT.
X Factor season 2 billboard
The U.S. version of The X Factor is back for a second season with some high-profile new judges - 'It's Britney, Bitch!' (and Demi Lovato too).
Tamar Vince billboard
In other reality news, Toni Braxton's youngest sister and her husband get a spin-off show from Braxton Family Values, unimaginatively called Tamar & Vince.
Fox Tuesday comedy billboard
Meanwhile it's a battlefield when it comes to sitcoms this month, with favourites returning for a sophomore season to new challengers hoping to win the chuckle throne.
Ben and Kate sitcom billboard
Fox Tuesdays includes new sitcom Ben & Kate about a brother and sister raising her daughter. These billboards for the show were fun but were in quite possibly the worst position ever for photography, with sunlight and trees blocking the view. Plus aside form the shared Fox Tuesdays creative, this is the only ad site for the new series I saw around L.A.
Ben Kate sitcom billboard
Doe-eyed Zooey Deschanel and crew are back for a second season of New Girl, even though it should really be called 'Not-so-New Girl' now.
New Girl season 2 billboard
These sitcoms are up against ABC's The B in Apartment 23 back for a second season with the same old creative for season one.
Apt 23 season 2 billboard
Plus Happy Endings is also moving nights for its third season and is another show that didn't feel the need to try out a new creative this season. Shame on them.
Happy Endings season 3 Tuesday billboard
Not to be outdone, in addition to Matthew Perry's Go On sitcom, NBC also has a new pet-themed comedy called Animal Practice based at a veterinary hospital.
Animal Practice sitcom billboard
Plus Guys with Kids who pat homage to The Hangover movie with their fun baby-carrier imagery.
Guys with Kids sitcom billboard
And then there's Ryan Murphy's The New Normal about a gay couple using a surrogate to start a family. From the initial episodes I've seen it's quite funny, with more than bit of truth in there, but I wonder if it's too progressive for a wider American audience. I'm really hoping it will survive (although I'm still shocked at how well NeNe Leakes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta is getting on in the acting world).
New Normal sitcom billboard
Another gay-friendly sitcom comes in the form of Partners, about a pair of childhood friends, one gay and one straight, who also work together. It's from the creators of Will & Grace so I had high hopes, but the initial buzz makes me think this will be a bit of a snoozefest, aside from the marvelous Michael Urie from Ugly Betty, that is.
Partners sitcom billboard
Yet more out-of-this-world comedy comes in the form of The Neighbors, about a family living in the suburbs with, you've guessed it, alien neighbours (I just had to keep that 'U' in there the second time, no matter what U.S. spellcheck wants to do to my English grammar).
Neighbors sitcom billboard
Childrens Hospital gave their season four billboard a makeover this month when they heard about their Emmy nomination (which they subsequently won).
Childrens Hospital season 4 Emmy billboard
The world of animation didn't want to feel left out this month, like these two billboards from Cartoon Network.
Everything burrito Adventure Time billboard
Adventure Time's 'I love you everything burrito' has become something of a cult fave, so fans should love this billboard, whilst Mordecai and Rigby look like they've had fun trashing the place in this ad for Regular Show.
Regular Show cartoon billboard
And if those billboards weren't quirky enough, here's a more grown up version for Comedy Central's new animated series Brickleberry. It's not often you see a moose standing upright and peeing from a billboard. Yep, it really looks like it's that kind of cartoon.
Brickleberry cartoon billboard
And finally, a rather fitting end to a round-up of advertisements for TV shows, a billboard from Dish encouraging viewers to just watch the shows and not the commercials. Where's the fun in that I ask.
Watch shows not commercials Dish billboard
If you've like all these billboard creatives, be sure to check out more fun and eye-catching ads every day at my Daily Billboard blog.

And stick around in the days to come for more round-ups of this month's movie, fashion and lifestyle billboards from around Los Angeles...

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