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New York fashion, Olympics and lifestyle billboards from August 2012...

By now you should all have figured out that I'm absolutely obsessed when it comes to billboards, so a trip to New York is like a dream come true, as just like L.A. its street are crammed with advertising of all kinds. Here are a collection of the stylish fashion, drinks, Olympics and other lifestyle billboards I spied at the end of August 2012 in Manhattan.

Fashion billboards
Calvin Klein bra underwear model billboard
First up is this eye-catching Calvin Klein underwear billboard featuring a giant Lara Stone modeling their new soft-wire Push Positive bra, which certainly says 'Hello Boys!'.
Abercrombie Fitch male torso billboard
Far more my taste is this buff Abercrombie & Fitch male torso billboard. Rather unfortunately, Abercrombie's ads have disappeared from L.A. in recent times. Frankly I don't really care what he's selling, but I'm buying (they don't call it the Meatpacking District for nothing).
Aldo Shoes FW 2012 billboards NYC
Aldo Shoes had something to please everyone from its new Fall/Winter 2012 campaign, although I especially like the window-blind tease creative.
UGG billboards Times Square NYC
More footwear ads came from UGG Australia in New York's bustling Times Square.
Barneys New York Perfect Pairs equality billboard
And another shoe themed ad which caught my eye was this cool wall mural for Barneys New York illustrating their support of marriage equality. It's no surprise that the fashion industry is such an advocate of equality for the gay community, but it's always so encouraging to see.
Burberry FW 2012 billboard High Line NYC
Just like in San Francisco and L.A., Burberry had an ad presence along the High Line elevated park on Manhattan's West Side. And just like those West Coast cities the temperature in New York was far too hot to be contemplating winter jackets at the moment.
Banana Republic FW 2012 billboard NYC
Banana Republic was looking 'airport lounge chic' and ready to travel with this sophisticated new season billboard.
Sean John billboard Times Square NYC
Whilst Sean Combs towered over Times Square looking sharp to promote his branded fashion line Sean John.
Alexander Wang fashion billboard NYC
And Alexander Wang had this uber-cool billboard along Great Jones and Lafayette Streets just in time for New York Fashion Week.
Buffalo David Bitton Times Square billboard
Meanwhile this Buffalo David Bitton model frolicked high over Times Square in mono.
Guess 30 Sexy Years billboards Times Square
And Guess celebrated 30 Sexy Years with this cluster of Claudia Schiffer billboards along 7th Avenue near Times Square.

Until I collected all these ads together, I really didn't appreciate how many fashion billboards come in stylish black and white creatives. But now I do.

Fragrance and beauty billboards
Maybelline NY Fashion Week 2012 makeup billboard
Adding a much needed splash of colour for Fashion Week were these vibrant Maybelline makeup billboards.
Lady Gaga Fame fragrance billboard Times Square
Whilst Lady Gaga sexed things up in Times Square with this super-sized mono billboard for her new black fragrance 'Fame'. She certainly does love to take her clothes off at every occasion.
Rebelle Rihanna fragrance billboards NYC
Not to be outdone in the celebrity fragrance stakes, Rihanna had these revealing billboards nearby for her two scents, Reb'l Fleur and the new perfume, Rebelle by Rihanna.

Drinks billboards
Rihanna Viva Vita Coco billboard NYC
Not only does the R&B star have her own fragrance billboards, but she also has this product endorsement ad for Vita Coco coconut water too. If you're a fan, be sure to also check out Rihanna's Vita Coco billboards from around L.A.
Pepsi Live For Now Times Square billboards
In Times Square Pepsi had a massive presence for its Live for Now campaign and also partnered with Lays snacks for a Summer-themed and not terribly nutritional billboard.
Lays Pepsi Soak up Summer billboard
One of the stand-out billboards from Times Square was this clever Sprite basketball hoop special installation which was really full of fun and energy.
Sprite basketball installation billboard Times Square
Bud Light Platinum beer promised that every night held potential with this duo of billboards along 10th Avenue.

Whilst Heineken beer continued its 21st year of sponsorship of the U.S. Open tennis tournament with these themed ads near along 7th Avenue opposite Penn Station.
Heineken US Open tennis billboards NYC
Another brand associating itself with the U.S. Open and slightly more my style was this ad for Moet & Chandon champagne as viewed from the High Line park.
Moet US Open champagne billboard NYC
Meanwhile Stoli continued to have fun with latest ad campaign in the Meatpacking District. if you like this ad creative, be sure to take a look at Stoli's Most Original Vodka billboard campaign from around L.A. and San Francisco.
Stoli Salted Karamel Vodka billboard NYC

Olympics 2012 and fitness billboards
Olympics 2012 sponsor billboards NYC
The 2012 London Olympics may have sadly come and gone, but there are still some cool billboards around New York for the official sponsors, like this cool women's soccer duo along 10th Avenue.
United Olympics 2012 womens soccer billboard NYC
United are the official airline of Team U.S.A. and Coke (however contradictory considering its not that great for maintaing a healthy lifestyle) were another official sponsor.
Coke Olympics 2012 womens soccer billboard NYC
In addition to the sporty football billboard there was also this women's boxing ad for Coca-Cola in a prime location near Times Square.
Coke Olympics 2012 womens boxing billboard NYC
I spotted one of their ads in San Francisco before the marathon, but here are more proud billboards for Chobani yogurt above their Soho store at the intersection of Prince Street and Broadway.
Chobani Team USA Olympics 2012 billboard NYC
Chobani yogurt Team USA Olympics 2012 billboards NYC
Although not an official sponsor of the Olympics, GNC Live Well's billboards certainly have an Olympic feel thanks to their use of Team U.S.A. women's soccer players Heather Mitts and Alex Morgan.
GNC womens soccer billboard installation NYC
This 3D soccer ball installation is attention-grabbing near Times Square, whilst their hurdler creative is impactful also.
GNC Live Fast hurdler billboard NYC
And this Nike billboard along 7th Avenue could easily fit into the sports apparel category, but it seemed to be more at home here providing inspiration for future generations of athletes.
Nike Find your greatness diving board billboard

Technology billboards
Apple iPad 3 billboards NYC
Apple had these cool second wave creatives for its new iPad 3 above one of its flagship stores in the Meatpacking District.
Giant Samsung Galaxy smartphone billboard NYC
Meanwhile their smartphone competitor Samsung had this giant-sized building wrap for their 'next big thing', the Galaxy SIII.

Car billboards
Hyundai Rules broken special billboard NYC
Finally this car billboard for Hyundai in Times Square is simple, yet clever and witty. You see, it's all about breaking the rules.

If you've enjoyed this selection of fashion and lifestyle billboards, be sure to stick around in the days to come for some of New York's best TV, musical and movie billboards...

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