Friday, September 14, 2012

Tasting the delights of the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail...

With some wonderful friends visiting from the U.K. we decided to get out of L.A. and drive up the coast to sample the delights of the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail.

Foxen Canyon Wine Trail sign
The gorgeous scenery was worth the two hour plus drive, but stopping at a few wineries also meant a very merry time was had by all (except our designated driver, that is).

We started in Los Olivos and our first stop was at Curtis Winery where we sampled some wine and got a recommendations for great sandwiches from the Los Olivos Grocery store, plus for a nice picnic spot on a hilltop at Zaca Mesa Winery.
Zaca Mesa Winery Foxen Canyon Road
It was here that we also found our favourite wine of the day, Z Gris, a dry Rosé wine of all things - perfect for a sunny day and the heatwave we're experiencing at the moment.
Zaca Mesa Winery water tower
From our previous wine tasting in Carmel Valley and this trip, I've discovered that you can easily share the wine tasting and don't need to pay for each member of your group every time.

Not being a huge wine connoisseur, I've also learned that after a few sips it all tastes the same to me and I much prefer my wine with a nice hearty meal to go with it.
Firestone Vineyard Foxen Canyon Wine Trail
Fortunately after a final stop at Firestone Vineyard we purchased a few bottles of red for just such occasions at home, that night in fact, after a stop off in Santa Barbara on the way home.

A great day was had by all. Nice wine, great company, beautiful scenery - our very own Sideways experience (with probably much less wine consumed)...

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