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TV, movie and musical billboards from Times Square and the streets of New York in August 2012...

Whenever I'm in New York I'm almost overwhelmed by the sheer concentration of billboards and digital advertising, especially in Times Square, bombarding my senses. Fortunately I love it all and so here's a collection of my favourite television, movie, musical and games billboards snapped on my recent visit at the end of August 2012.

TV billboards
Times Square Go On TV billboard NYC
First up is some giant-sized support for Matthew Perry's new sitcom, Go On, in the heart of tourist traffic central, Times Square.
Go On billboard NYC
There really is a lot of support for this new comedy around New York (and L.A. for that matter), including this billboard along 10th Avenue, so let's hope the series is much funnier than the short-lived Mr. Sunshine or Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.
Boardwalk Empire season 3 billboard Times Square
HBO drama Boardwalk Empire gets some exposure in Times Square for its third season and if you like the Prohibition set gangster show be sure to check out these giant billboards for Boardwalk Empire along L.A.'s Sunset Strip.
Boss season 2 billboards NYC
Boss is such a compelling drama so it's nice to see that Starz has some great billboards for the show in New York as it really does deserve more viewers.
Hire a veteran billboard NYC
In Times Square Spike cable channel shows some support for military veterans with this cool creative and initially I thought this may be an ad for a new reality show contest.
Last Resort TV billboards Times Square
Speaking of the military, ABC's new submarine thriller Last Resort gets some impactful billboards along Broadway in Times Square.
Homeland season 2 teaser billboard NYC
Whilst Showtime's fantastic terrorist thriller Homeland teases us with this new creative for their forthcoming second season.
Copper season 1 billboards NYC
BBC America's new crime drama, Copper, is set in 1860's New York, so it's only appropriate that the period cop show gets some presence in the Meatpacking District.
Major Crimes season 1 billboard NYC
Keeping to crime shows of a more modern variety and The Closer spin-off, Major Crimes, had this extra-long billboard to promote their debut season.
Perception season 1 billboard NYC
Plus Eric McCormack's new take on crime scene investigation, Perception, blended in and stood out on this 7th Avenue building corner.
Giant Revolution billboard Times Square NYC
Revolution, NBC's new apocalyptic near future sci-fi show had this high-profile giant billboard in Times Square.
666 Park Avenue billboard High Line NYC
And ABC's spooky new drama 666 Park Avenue had some dramatic ads around the streets of Manhattan where the series is set, like this one viewed from the High Line elevated park.
Restaurant Stakeout billboard High Line NYC
Behind that was a billboard for the behind-the-scenes hidden camera show, Restaurant Stakeout, hosted by New York restaurant owner Willie Degel.
Coma TV mini series billboard NYC
The TV remake of Coma had this intriguing sci-fi ad creative along West Houston Street to promote the new mini-series.
Giant Elementary billboard NYC
And Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu had this cool super-sized billboard for their contemporary take on literary icons Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in Elementary.
Hell on Wheels season 2 billboard NYC
These next two billboards made me smile with their Heaven and Hell connotations. Below representing Hell was the second season billboard for Hell on Wheels.
IFC Chris Gethard billboard NYC
And above was this whimsical angel ad for IFC's Adopt-a-comic campaign featuring Chris Gethard. It really is an inspired bit of ad placement.
Guys with Kids TV billboard NYC
Aside from Go On, NBC are trying their luck with two other comedies this Fall season. Guys with Kids, which is channeling The Hangover movie vibe in this billboard creative, and Animal Practice. Only time will tell if they are funny and if they will survive a full season.
New Girl season 2 billboard NYC
Meanwhile returning for a second season is the doe-eyed Zooey Deschanel in New Girl, who's suddenly not so new, but whose sitcom found its funny bone by the end of the first season.

Movie billboards
Trouble with the Curve billboard 5th Avenue NYC
Clint Eastwood may have stood out for all the wrong reasons at the Republican Party Conference with his odd speech to an empty chair, but this giant-sized billboard along 5th Avenue for his new baseball-themed movie Trouble with the Curve certainly demands your attention.
Total Recall movie teaser billboard NYC
Still hanging around the streets of New York was this teaser billboard for the Total Recall remake, which I thought wasn't that bad a movie if taken on its own merits.
Hotel Transylvania movie billboard NYC
Hotel Transylvania billboard NYC
Monster-themed animated film Hotel Transylvania had these fun creatives to get us all in the mood for Halloween this year. Be sure to check out this giant Hotel Transylvania billboard in L.A. too.
Resident Evil Retribution movie billboard NYC
You'll find slightly more grownup monster fare in the zombie-infested fifth installment in the Resident Evil film franchise, Retribution. I have to say these post-apocalyptic films are a guilty pleasure of mine and I'm looking forward to seeing Milla Jovovich kick Umbrella Corporation butt again.
Oogieloves Big Balloon Adventure billboard NYC
It may have had billboards everywhere, but The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure turned out to be the biggest box office flop to date, only taking an average of $47 at each U.S. cinema. As the Teletubbies would say, 'Eh, Oh!'.

Musicals and exhibitions billboards
Disney Mary Poppins Newsies musical billboards Times Square NYC
In addition to fashion, TV and movie billboards, Broadway and Times Square are always jam-packed with lots of ads for musicals, including these two Disney shows - Mary Poppins and Newsies (which I saw and liked).
Evita musical billboard Times Square NYC
Evita billboard Times Square NYC
The newest incarnation of Evita starring Ricky Martin had two different creatives around Times Square, plus cheerleading musical based on the movie Bring It On had this cool looking ad.
Chaplin Musical billboard Times Square NYC
It'll be interesting to see how they've translated a silent era movie star into a musical for Charlie Chaplin. If you're a fan of the 'Little Tramp', be sure to check out these original Robert Downey Jr. costumes from the Chaplin movie on display.
Harry Potter Exhibition NYC billboard
Aside from seeing a Broadway show, another way to entertain yourself in New York this holiday season will be to visit the touring Harry Potter exhibition.

Games billboards
Death Lives Darksiders II billboard Times Square NYC
And not to end on a sour note, but this 'Death Lives' billboard is such an arresting visual for the new Darksiders II video game it deserves to be shared.

If you like all these ads, be sure to also check out the stylish fashion and lifestyle billboards around New York in August too.

And all you billboard lovers out there, be sure to come back at the end of September for more round-ups of all the best ad creatives from around the streets of L.A...

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