Saturday, October 6, 2012

18 miles to the Hollywood Sign and back again...

Even though I may not be running the Chicago Marathon this weekend like some of my friends, I did manage an early morning 18-mile training run up to the infamous Hollywood Sign with my Honolulu Marathon teammates.

T2: Team to End AIDS 'DogHouse' 9-minute pace runners
Team to End AIDS runners Hollywood Sign
Fortunately the crazy heat has subsided a bit this weekend and there was even a cool breeze at the start to help us up those 7-miles of vertical incline.

Our goal this morning
Hollywood Sign
Even though I wasn't thrilled at the thought of an 18-mile run up tough hills, I'd never been up behind the iconic landmark before so it was quite an interesting trail with some spectacular views.
Running Hollywood Sign trail
I have to say though, my recovering knee wasn't happy.

View of Forest Lawn cemetery from above
Forest Lawn viewed Griffith Park hills
Luckily it was strapped up and I've been doing lots of physio and leg work to get it back to peak running condition.

A glimpse of the Hollywood Sign on the way up
Hollywood Sign Mount Lee
Running up the hilly trails of Griffith Park, we all got a bit excited upon seeing the antenna nestled above the Hollywood Sign.
Antenna above Hollywood Sign Mount Lee
At first it seemed so far away in the distance and before we knew it we were there.
Sadly that meant there was still 11-miles to go, but most of that was downhill.
T2 runners behind Hollywood Sign
I think you'll agree it was a pretty cool way to start a Saturday, no matter how much my legs are aching now and no matter how cold that ice-bath was.

Essential photo opportunity behind the Hollywood Sign
T2 runners behind Hollywood Sign
T2 runners behind Hollywood Sign
As ever my running teammates provided excellent entertainment, distraction from the pain and motivation to get to the finish line. Not only are they a great group of people to run with, but they are also raising invaluable funds for AIDS Project L.A. and really are heroes for so many people.

A sweaty mess after 18-miles
T2 Honolulu Marathon training
With the Honolulu Marathon just over two months to go, if you'd like to DONATE TO THIS WORTHY CAUSE, please click the link and give as much as you can.

In the meantime, I see a pizza and a tub of ice-cream in my future...

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