Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Labrador and his stick(s)...

What's brown and sticky? A stick, of course. Sometimes the simple things are the best and manage to put a smile on your face. Just like seeing Cooper with a stick tearing it to shreds.

Yellow Labrador Cooper Runyon Canyon
Here's a collection of funny photos of our adorable Labrador, from a pup until present day that still make me chuckle every time I see them.
Yellow Labrador Sycamore Cove
Now that the hot weather is subsiding a little Cooper has found the energy to play with sticks at Runyon Canyon again.
Runyon Canyon Labrador Cooper
It's always a joy to see him play so freely, although there's always the danger he's going to take someone's legs out from under them with his choice of stick.
Labrador Cooper chewing sticks
For those not familiar with our story so far, Cooper came into our lives when he was eight weeks old and he's now four and half years old and a hulking 85lbs.
Labrador Cooper big stick Runyon Canyon
Labrador big stick Runyon Canyon
From a pup he's always liked chewing on a stick, luckily he's never been a destructive dog so we've never had to hide our shoes or worry about things lying around, but true to his retriever heritage, give him a stick and he's in heaven (I think these photos tell the story perfectly).
Labrador pup Runyon Canyon
He's also quite partial to shredding a palm frond when we take him to places like Santa Barbara and Palisades Park in Santa Monica.
Labrador pup Santa Monica
As you can see no size of stick, or should that be log, ever seems to daunt him either.
Labrador Cooper big stick Runyon Canyon
And if you're wondering if I take a camera with me everywhere we go, the answer is 'yes'.
Labrador pup loves palm fronds
Labrador Cooper shredding palm fronds
A good friend of ours told us when we first got Cooper to make sure to take as many photos when he was a pup as possible as they grow so fast, and he was so right.
Labrador pup Cooper Sycamore Cove
Luckily I managed to capture many of Cooper's classic moments that continue to make us laugh and smile.
Labrador Cooper palm fronds Santa Barbara
His taste or enthusiasm in sticks may not have changed with age, but there is one thing that has changed since he was a pup and I'd forgotten quite how black his nose used to be. Now he has a much pinker nose, often referred to in labs as 'Snow Nose'.
Labrador pup shreds palm fronds
Labrador Cooper big stick
And is it just me, or does Cooper always seem to be smiling when he has a stick in his mouth?
Labrador pup Cooper Runyon Canyon
Labrador stick
Speaking of sticks, there's one stick of the edible variety that Cooper loves and that's bully sticks (just don't ask what they are made off).
Labrador bully stick
If you like these photos, be sure to check out Labrador Cooper's puppy pictures to see how super-cute he was in his early days with us.
Yellow Labrador Cooper Runyon Canyon
Until the next big stick comes along, that's all folks...

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