Monday, October 1, 2012

Ghosts of Halloween pumpkins past...

What better way to kick off October and get ready for Halloween than with some past carved pumpkin creations.
Halloween pumpkin 2011
Carved Halloween pumpkinHalloween pumpkin 2011Last year for whatever reason I only managed to complete one Jack O'Lantern. This year I must try harder as they always look so cool all lit up.

Three eyed Halloween pumpkinHalloween pumpkinsSpooky Halloween pumpkin
Carved Halloween pumpkins
I really liked my three-eyed alien carved pumpkin from 2010 and the other one wasn't too shoddy either.

Halloween Jack O'LanternHalloween pumpkins 2009Carved Halloween pumpkinHalloween Jack pumpkin
As a duo, my 2009 efforts worked really well together. You can't really beat a Skeleton Jack pumpkin face from The Nightmare Before Christmas though.

Pumpkin face curious pupPumpkin face glowHalloween pumpkin pup
And from our very first Halloween in West Hollywood, my solo pumpkin understandably created quite a stir with our Labrador pup Cooper.

Which pumpkins do you think are the best? Hopefully they'd provide some inspiration for this year's Halloween festivities.

Happy carving folks...

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