Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween and TV billboards around L.A. in October...

Happy Halloween everyone. Here's a collection of Halloween themed billboards and some spooky TV billboards too (as well as lots of new season and returning favourites).

Halloween themed billboards
Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Walking Dead billboard
I'm not a fan of unnecessary gore, but I love The Walking Dead television show and think this billboard for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights is the creepiest creative gracing the skies of L.A. this past month.
Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Walking Dead billboard
This second zombie-themed billboard is also a great tease for the theme park's annual horror nights festivities.
Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Silent Hill billboard
This third billboard featuring one of the creatures from the Silent Hill movies and video games is also suitably scary stuff.
Los Angeles Haunted Hayride billboard
Meanwhile this year's L.A. Haunted Hayride, which takes place in Griffith Park, has a creepy vintage family photo feel to it.
Disneyland Maleficent Halloween billboard
For something a little gentler, here's the classic Disney villain 'Maleficent' inviting you to stop by for a spell. If you're a Disney fan, be sure to check out the rest of the Disneyland Halloween Time billboards from 2012 and year's past at my Daily Billboard blog.
TV billboards
American Horror Story Asylum billboard
My favourite TV billboard in October had to be this ethereal nun creative for the second season of American Horror Story, which they've cleverly sub-titled 'Asylum' due to the show's mental institution setting.
American Horror Story Asylum billboard Hollywood
How cool and arresting is that visual of a ghostly nun with bleeding eyes towering over Hollywood Boulevard.
Walking Dead season 3 billboard
The Walking Dead has returned for a thrilling third season with a real vengeance and this billboard with 'Rick' making a stand at the prison, like a lone gun-slinger, really makes for an iconic looking creative.
Dexter season 7 billboard
Meanwhile Dexter is back for an impressive seventh season and his serial killer eyes are still as scary as ever,
Beauty Beast TV remake billboard
Obviously running out of quality ideas, The CW decided to resurrect the 80's TV series Beauty & The Beast, although in a way that they could cast a really handsome actor to appeal to their demographic and still call him a 'Beast'.
Super-sized Arrow season 1 billboard
Another actor easy on the eyes is Stephen Amell and his new series Arrow, based on DC Comics Green Arrow superhero, is certainly worth a watch.
Arrow bulls eye special installation billboard
I also love this special billboard installation for Arrow, which really fits with the show's archery premise. If you like this, be sure to check out these other cool billboards for Arrow
Hunted billboard
Melissa George stars as an elite intelligence operative in Hunted and the star shouldn't have too much of a problem channeling her inner 'Nikita' as she's already starred as a spy in Alias in the past.
Chicago Fire billboard
Chicago Fire looks like it's going to be another rescue services drama with lots of hot young things to heat things up.
Emily Owens MD billboard
Whilst I'm happy to see The Good Wife guest-star, Mammie Gummer, get her own show (and a fun billboard), I feel like series premise looks a bit like Grey's Anatomy and every other medical drama that has gone before.
Treme season 3 billboard
The post-Hurricane Katrina drama Treme had this giant-sized billboard standing tall over L.A.'s Sunset Strip this month for its third and penultimate season.
Duck Dynasty season 2 billboard
And this eye-catching billboard for the Duck Dynasty's sophomore season stood out with its unconventional and quirky creative.
Robot Chicken banging season 6 billboard
Meanwhile, I laughed out loud when I saw this tongue-in-cheek billboard for the stop-motion animation series on Adult Swim, Robot Chicken. 'Banging new season' indeed.
Cartoon Network 20th Birthday billboard
Whilst other shows were celebrating new seasons, Cartoon Network was trying to cram any many cartoon characters onto one billboard to mark their 20th birthday anniversary as possible.
Always Sunny Philadelphia 8 billboard
The billboards for the TV comedy 'Always Sunny' are always so funny, and yellow, so be sure to check out these previous billboards for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to see what I mean.
RuPauls All Stars Drag Race billboard
This month another of my guilty pleasures returned to our screens, as RuPaul welcomed back the All Stars from previous seasons to duke it out again for the title of next drag superstar, although the twist this time was that the contenders had to compete as couples. Let the feathers and sequins fly.
Key Peele season 2 billboard
And Key & Peele returned for a second season of their Comedy Central sketch show shenanigans with a few familiar faces on this billboard.
Men Who Built America billboard
As there's been such a discussion about small businesses, economics and entrepreneurs in this year's U.S. Presidential Election, The History Channel picked the perfect time to launch their new series about The Men Who Built America.
Indecision 2012 Comedy Central Election billboard
And speaking of the election, I just loved how this Comedy Central Indecision 2012 billboard poked fun at the whole news coverage overkill on other networks. Even though it's turning into quite a scary race for the finish line, politics certainly do provide some unbeatable comedy gold - 'Binders of women', anyone?

Be sure to check out Daily Billboard every day for the funniest, coolest and most eye-catching ad creatives around L.A. and come back next month for more essential billboard round-ups.

Happy hauntings one and all...

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