Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Halloween makeup test is a bloody success...

OK, now I'm officially excited for HalloweenRather than endure the usual last minute panic at my local costume shop, I planned ahead and took a trip to Cinema Secrets along Riverside Drive in Burbank.

Bloody Halloween hand makeup scar
As you can see my visit was a bloody success and not only did I get all the Halloween makeup I was looking for, but I got lots of advice on how to apply, and they even showed me how to do a scar.
Cinema Secrets Halloween Headquarters
This place really is more than just a costume chain store like Aahs and I highly recommend it. It's a treasure trove of cool stuff, but I think you really do need an idea of what you're looking for before you wander through the store otherwise you my find yourself overwhelmed.
Cinema Secrets Halloween Headquarters
I'm thinking of giving my Wonder Woman costume from last year a zombie makeover for West Hollywood's Annual Halloween Carnaval, so fingers crossed I can replicate the scars and body makeup that I have in mind.
Zombie Halloween makeup scar
I'm sure it'll take me at least twice as long to apply the makeup and the result won't look half as professional, but it's going to be great fun to play at being makeup maestro for a day.

Until then let the countdown to All Hallow's Eve continue...

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