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The best movie billboards around L.A. this October...

This month the skies of L.A. were filled with a few scary movie and Halloween themed film billboards, hoping to capitalise on the spooky annual festivities. Plus now that the Summer's over it's time for the big winter blockbusters to try their luck, there were quite a few super-sized treats and the Oscar race begun.

Movie billboards
Hotel Transylvania movie billboard
Let's kick off with a few Halloween themed billboards like this group shot of the iconic monsters who star alongside Count Dracula in Hotel Transylvania. This new computer-animated tale has certainly captured audiences imaginations, already grossing over $118,500,000 at the U.S. box office. Be sure to check out all the other fantastic Hotel Transylvania movie billboards.
Giant Frankenweenie movie billboard
Meanwhile Disney's new Tim Burton stop-motion film Frankenweenie was a bit of a flop. But seriously, what child wants to go see a black and white movie, it's far too niche for a wide audience however good it may be. If you are a fan, be sure to check out these original stop-motion puppets used in Frankenweenie on display.
Sinister movie billboard
This scary billboard for the horror movie Sinister really did live up to the film's title don't you think.
Fun Size movie billboard
Fun Size is a comedy which actually has a Halloween theme, as a high school girl loses her younger brother when they are out trick-or-treating and his to find him with the help of her best friends and a couple of nerds.
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie billboard
Vampires and werewolves abound in the final installment of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. It's time for this romantic fantasy cash cow franchise to come to an end.
Skyfall 007 movie billboards
Bond is back and doesn't he look super-cool. I can't wait to see Britain's secret agent in action again in Skyfall (and I'm so jealous this new 007 film has already opened in the U.K.).
Giant Chasing Mavericks movie billboard
One of the coolest visuals around L.A. at the moment has to be this spectacular giant wave creative for the surfing movie starring Gerard Butler, Chasing Mavericks ('Mavericks' being the name of the massive wave).
Cloud Atlas movie billboard
Cloud Atlas opened this weekend and looks fantastic. It's definitely on my must-see list, but I hope the movie lives up to the epic generation-spanning trailer. This is the only billboard I've seen for the movie, aside from digital versions, and this one was at Warner Bros. Studios HQ in Burbank.
Flight film billboard
Denzel Washington is back in the hot-seat and this time it's as a pilot under investigation for an averted plane crash in Flight.
Argo movie billboard
Argo was a really good solid movie and deserves to be considered for an Oscar and it's cleverly named after the faux sci-fi film they used to extract U.S. Embassy workers during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.
Hobbit An Unexpected Journey billboard
Peter Jackson returns to Middle-Earth to tell the prequel to his Lord of the Rings trilogy and these familiar looking billboards for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey have popped up all over L.A. in the last few days, like this one at the W Hotel in Hollywood.
Hobbit Dennys tie in billboard
Denny's has also tied-in to the new Hobbit movie with these promotional billboards. Unfortunately I missed the teaser version that came before this one which just showed the same visual,  but all the copy in rune script minus the Denny's logo. In my mind though, it's a bit of a cheap partnership association.
Giant Disney Wreck-It Ralph billboard
Following Frankenweenie, this super-sized billboard for Disney's Wreck-It Ralph made a much more colourful impact along Sunset Plaza this month.
Giant Despicable Me 2 movie teaser billboard
And not to be outdone, Universal Studios have started their campaign for Despicable Me 2 early. Those 'Minions' from the movie sequel really do stand out in their simplicity.
Giant Liz Dick Lifetime TV movie billboard
This month also saw Lindsay Lohan take to the skies over the Sunset Strip, with this giant-sized billboard for the new Lifetime TV movie about Hollywood screen legend 'Elizabeth Taylor'. I have to say it's not the best choice of actress and I think that Liz would roll over in her grave if she knew.
Girl giant HBO billboard
Meanwhile a far better choice is Sienna Miller as Alfred Hitchock's muse 'Tippi Hedren' in HBO's film, The Girl. This towering billboard (the flip-side of the 9000 Sunset Boulevard building) is really striking in red and evokes her first starring role in 1963's The Birds.
Lincoln movie billboard
Another actor portraying a famous person from history this month is Daniel Day-Lewis as 16th American President 'Abraham Lincoln'. This Steven Spielberg project already has a lot of Academy Award buzz surrounding it.

Music billboards
Giant Rdio music billboard
And finally for this round-up, here's a cool and vibrant montage of music artists along Sunset Strip for Rdio and its music subscription service.

So quite a jam-packed month as you can see. Let's hope November is as fruitful. In the meantime be sure to check out Daily Billboard every day for more great movie, music and more billboard creatives...

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