Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Damian Moppett's Offsite outdoor art installation in Vancouver...

Aside from the obvious luxury of staying at the Shangri-La Hotel in Downtown Vancouver, another benefit of the location is being able to check out the latest outdoor art in Vancouver Art Gallery's outdoor exhibition space which is right next door.

Offsite: Damian Moppett
Offsite Damian Moppett public art installation Vancouver
On this occasion it is Damian Moppet's 'Offsite' installation which is filling the public art space which changes on a regular basis.
Damian Moppett Offsite art installation Vancouver Nov 2012
I love how this colourful, multi-layered installation changes from every angle you look at it.
Damian Moppett Offsite installation Vancouver
Apparently based on his painting entitled 'Large Painting and Caryatid Maquette in Studio at Night' from 2008, this works represents the artist's studio as a kind of stage set with elements of the painting transformed into large-scale metal cut-outs to create this three-dimensional optical illusion.
Damian Moppett Offsite installation Vancouver
There's nothing like a bit of public art to brighten your day, especially when it's thought-provoking and intriguing and not just a lump of metal.
Offsite Damian Moppett public art sculptures
The last time I was in Vancouver it was Kota Ezawa's Hand Vote wooden sculpture that was on display, so who knows what will be in situ when I return for the Vancouver Marathon in May 2013...

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