Friday, November 2, 2012

Horrifying delights of West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval 2012...

This was my fifth visit to West Hollywood's annual Halloween Carnaval and the festivities were as gruesome and horrifying as past experiences, especially as this year I decided to go as 'Zombie Wonder Woman'.

horror costumes West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Usually anything goes when it comes to Halloween costumes, be it superheroes, angels or political parodies, so it was nice to see the return of more horror genre costumes to Santa Monica Boulevard this year.
American Horror Story Asylum nun West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
I can't help but think the success of shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story: Asylum influenced many people's costume choices this Halloween (they certainly did for me). I especially loved how this ghostly AHS nun knew exactly where to stand for the most atmospheric lighting.
Brain Freeze zombie West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2012
Another source of inspiration for my undead look this year was from this Brain Freeze Zombie which was one of the horror Carnaval costumes I saw at 2011's festivities (if it ain't broken, don't fix it).
Horror bunnygirl West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
I wasn't the only one to take a classic outfit and give it a scary twist, I really loved this ghoulish bunny  girl and those metallic teeth really made this costume stand out for me.
Sharon Needles costume Weho Halloween Carnaval
Meanwhile this impersonation of RuPaul's Drag Race winner Sharon Needles was spot on too.
Horror chefs West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
I always love how inventive people can be when it comes to their Halloween costumes, especially when it's a couple or group costumes, like these gory chefs.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval horror costume
And this year I discovered how easy it is to zombify yourself as there's so much special effects makeup and prosthetic appliances readily available these days to transform yourself into something nasty for an evening.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval corpse bride groom
Don't you love how some people are 100% invested in their characters and how they really know how to work their look (let's face it a lot of them in L.A. are probably aspiring actors and performers of one kind or another).
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costumes
There were lots of classic skeleton costumes amongst the parade of Carnaval goers and this duo who teamed it with a skinless body suit and mask made for a complimentary pair.
Edward Scissorhands West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Amongst the crowds of costumes there were quite a few familiar faces, like this awesome Edward Scissorhands creation. Tim Burton would be proud I'm sure.
Swamp Thing West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
This Swamp Thing costume was also a cool homemade affair (you can't beat a human and plant mash-up).
Zombie Marilyn Monroe West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
And who doesn't like a undead Marilyn Monroe (maybe I should have asked her who killed the Hollywood starlet).
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval clowns
Plus there was an abundance of clowns stalking the boulevard. Let's face it you either love them or are absolutely petrified of them.
It's quite an easy look to create and you can either go colourful kids party entertainer clown, a scary Stephen King It version, or something totally wildly original like this caged creature creation.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval cage costume
Remember if you see yourself amongst this zombie wasteland of disguises, like this classic Michael Myers slasher look, be sure to post a comment and identify yourself.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval horror costumes
In addition to iconic Hollywood horror villains there were also a host of demons, ghosts and ghouls to entertain the crowds.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval demon
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval ghost
There's nothing like some scary twins to spook you out or some good face makeup.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval twins
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2012
Some people just look like they're having a ball and you could tell that for some this was their favourite night of the year.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2012
I mean, who doesn't like to dress up and lose yourself in fantasy with thousands of other people for one evening.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval lurkers
Personally I tend to walk up and down the length of Santa Monica Boulevard from La Cienega Boulevard up to Doheny Drive taking in all the sights and finding the best photo opportunities, whilst there are others who seem to scout out a good spot and just lurk, ready for their close up.
WEHO Halloween Carnaval Pyramid Head
West Hollywood certainly did come alive with the undead and supernatural folk this All Hallow's Eve, like these creepy creations.
WEHO Halloween Carnaval night creatures
If you like these photos, be sure to stay tuned for more costume delights in the days to come and whilst you're at it, why not compare them to previous year's West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costumes.

Ultimately, the only real horror was if you didn't join in this Halloween...

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