Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Joy to The Hills, Beverly Hills that is...

Now that Halloween is well and truly over, we're in that home straight to the Holidays and even though Thanksgiving comes first, that doesn't mean that everyone isn't getting ready for Christmas already.

Beverly Hills Joy to Hills Christmas street banners
The sun may be blazing in L.A., but that doesn't stop the City of Beverly Hills from putting up their new festive banners around their streets.
Joy to The Hills reindeer Christmas banner
Personally I'm liking the new designs featuring reindeers, bells, fir cones and doves, they certainly evoke a White Christmas even if it's somewhat harder to imagine living in Los Angeles.
Joy to The Hills dove Christmas banner
If you like these, be sure to check out the Deck the Hills Christmas banners from the past few years.
Joy to The Hills fir cone Christmas banner
Yes, the sun may be shining here, but at least the nights are drawing in and it's getting chillier first thing and late at night. Add to that the constant stream of Christmas advertising on TV and the festive jingles in stores and I'm sure we'll all be in the festive spirit before you know it.
Joy to The Hills Christmas bell banner
So 'Joy to The Hills' and to everyone, wherever you may be reading this from...

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