Saturday, November 3, 2012

Movie, music and TV inspired costumes at West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval...

You can pretty much guarantee you'll find an evil queen or two along Santa Monica Boulevard most times of the year, but it's especially true at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval.

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Evil Queen
Enjoy this selection of movie, TV and music inspired outfits to be found walking the streets of WEHO this Halloween, including this fantastic Evil Queen from Disney's Snow White.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Kill Bill
I loved this cool group look inspired by the women of 2003's Kill Bill.
Effie Trinket Hunger Games WEHO Halloween Carnaval
And with that over-the-top flambouyant makeup, it was no surprise that there were lots of Effie Trinkets from The Hunger Games, although I didn't see any Katniss Everdeen impersonators out and about.
ET West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
This E.T. ensemble is a clever costume to pull off if you have a red hoodie, bike and plush alien.
Shrek costumes West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Meanwhile Shrek and Princess Fiona were out for a date night along the boulevard.
Wizard Oz West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Some people drew their inspiration from iconic Hollywood movies like The Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins.
Mary Poppins West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Mary Poppins costumes West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Some people even included their pooches in the act, although I saw way too many dogs at the festivities and with the hordes of people it's not the safest place to bring your pet (especially as people get drunker as the evening goes on).
Pulp Fiction West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
In addition to Kill Bill, there was also this Uma Thurman inspired look from another Quentin Tarantino classic, Pulp Fiction.
Black Swan West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Just like last year there were more than a few Black Swans pirouetting about and it's a great look to do with a friend.
UP costumes West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Meanwhile these UP characters were exploring the wilds of West Hollywood with floating house and balloons in tow.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Smurfs
And who doesn't like a good Smurf, although it must be hell trying to keep that blue body paint from rubbing off on your white clothes.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Hawkman
One of my favourite costumes of the night was this Hawkman superhero creation, those wings were spectacular.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval TARDIS
Dr Who West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
And it was nice to see British TV represented with a TARDIS and a Tom Baker style Dr. Who joining in on the fun (maybe they should consider a beard for the Doctor next as he's not had one so far).
DJ Deadmau5 WEHO Halloween Carnaval
Deadmau5 made it onto the cover of Rolling Stone this year and some Sonos billboards, so it's no surprise the DJ was represented with his trademark mouse mask at the parade.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval hippies
And for this installment of Carnaval photos I'll leave you with these 70's hippies who looked like they were having a groovy time.

If you've missed them, be sure to also check out the horror costumes from West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval and take a look at all the Wonder Woman costumes on display this October, including my cool zombie look.

Come back soon for more costumed shenanigans...

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