Sunday, November 4, 2012

Political parodies and topical costumes from West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2012...

Every year I see so many clever costumes parading along Santa Monica Boulevard for West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval, and as it's an election year I just knew there would be loads of political ensembles to entertain the crowds this year. Here's a selection of outfits inspired by the world of politics and other topical news stories.

Michelle Obama costume WEHO Halloween Carnaval 2012
In the past I've seen timely creative costumes for Balloon Boy, Chilean Miners, the Occupy movement and more, but this year's Carnaval certainly had its share of Obama supporters and Romney detractors, like this fab First Lady look.
2012 Election costumes WEHO Halloween Carnaval
Let's face it the Presidential debates were a hot bed of comedy gold for the anti-Romney camp. These repressed Mormon 'Women for Mitt' costumes were spot on and a real highlight of the festivities.
Women for Mitt Mormon costumes WEHO Halloween Carnaval 2012
Remember Governor, you brought all this on yourself with your outdated and hateful views. Why any woman, gay person, veteran or minority would vote for the Republican is beyond me.
Omit Romney costumes WEHO Halloween Carnaval 2012
Binders of women costume WEHO Halloween Carnaval 2012
Yes, there were lots of examples of 'Binders of women' and fans of Big Bird and other beloved Sesame Street characters that Mitt Romney in his mean-spirited, misguided 'wisdom' would gladly erase from your kids TV screens.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Sesame Street characters
Everyone really does need to 'Omit Romney' when they vote on Tuesday, because more than his math doesn't add up.
Big Bird West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Let's not forget that gay issues were largely left out of the debates, even though President Obama has showed his support for marriage equality, so it's nice to see people actively reminding everyone that the hateful Prop 8 is still rumbling on its way to (hopefully) be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court. Let's hope that Wicked Witch will finally die as this clever costume suggests.
Prop 8 Fate costume West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Another brilliant costume idea were these wartime propaganda posters featuring J. Howard Miller's iconic 'We can do do it!' image and Uncle Sam in J.M. Flagg's U.S. army recruitment poster. So clever.
Wartime propaganda poster costumes WEHO Halloween Carnaval
Something which has been in the news more recently was the Space Shuttle Endeavour and its double fly by of L.A. and procession through the city on its way to its new resting place, which really inspired a lot of Los Angelenos.
Space shuttle Endeavour West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
shuttle Endeavour West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Of course this year the London 2012 Olympics dominated our screens in the Summer and so there were more than few Team U.S.A. athletes out there.
Olympic Team USA West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Speaking of Britain, Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II dropped in on the evening's proceedings accompanied by a British bobby as an escort.
Queen Copper costumes West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Although I think I may have been seeing double as the Queen must have rushed off for a costume change, as when next I saw her she was resplendent in royal blue (I wonder if she's ever been lucky enough to meet a zombie superhero before).
WEHO Halloween Carnaval Queen Zombie Wonder Woman
As you can see there were lots of imaginative outfits to be seen and people never cease to amaze me with their creativity at West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval. I can't wait to see what delights 2013 will hold.

And don't make me get my lasso of truth out, remember to vote Obama for President...

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