Friday, December 28, 2012

Five best movies of 2012...

This year has been a really enjoyable year for movies and I managed to see around 26 films on the big screen in 2012 (even managing to attend a few Hollywood World Premieres), plus countless others On Demand and on Blu-ray. Here are the top five movies I enjoyed most this year

Giant Avengers movie billboard Sunset Plaza
Marvel's movies had already surprised many in recent years by meeting and in most cases exceeding expectations, but Marvel's The Avengers blew audiences minds with its unadulterated superheroics, alien invasion blockbuster action and a fantastic comedy 'Hulk'.

Joss Whedon did an excellent job of assembling Earth's mightiest heroes, juggling all the egos and heroes with witty dialogue and big screen thrills. It really did set a new standard in superhero movies and it's no wonder it became one of the biggest box office smashes of all time.

I even had the pleasure of attending The Avengers World Premiere in Hollywood which was a real thrill to see the movie's stars and a chance to see the film in advance.

Captain America costume from The Avengers on display
Avengers Captain America movie costume
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Amazing Spiderman movie billboard
Another Marvel Comics character, some would say the most iconic, got a makeover this year as Andrew Garfield donned the web-slinging tights of The Amazing Spider-man.

He's not my favourite hero and I was thoroughly prepared to not like this re-imagining, especially since the Tobey Maguire Spider-man trilogy we still fresh in my memory, but I have to say I really enjoyed the new movie.

The biggest success in the movie had to be the chemistry between Garfield and Emma 'Gwen Stacy' Stone, plus the focus on Peter Parker's scientific skills over his Daily Bugle photographic career really gave the film a fresh new feel.
Amazing Spiderman movie billboard
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Cloud Atlas movie billboard
One of the most underrated films on the big screen this year had to be Cloud Atlas.

I saw the time-spanning sci-fi epic on a rainy day in L.A. and it was one of those movies that really touched me on a very personal level and left me feeling moved and uplifted.

I'm a huge sci-fi fan so loved the daring concepts of the film, plus the future worlds it transported us to. The cast was marvelous and it was fun to see them play so many different parts, helped by amazing makeup and costumes.
Cloud Atlas movie poster
For me Cloud Atlas felt like a true breath of fresh air, something new and complex to enjoy and not just another movie remake that Hollywoodland continue to spew out.

Pitch Perfect movie poster
The film I probably laughed the most at this year had to be Pitch Perfect.

With its very simple premise born out of the success of the predominantly female cast in Bridesmaids, plus TV's musical numbers in Glee, this comedy about an all-girls college a cappella group had me in stitches.

The film had a great ensemble, but the breakout star was Rebel 'Fat Amy' Wilson who effortlessly stole the show.
Pitch Perfect movie poster
Plus special kudos also has to go to Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins for their commentary during the singing competitions which is hysterically funny.

Hunger Games movie billboard
From my film selection you can probably tell I'm a big fantasy and sci-fi fan, but The Hunger Games was another film that really surprised me this year.

I've not read the books (and probably won't now until all the movies are released), but I have seen the Battle Royale and Lord of the Flies movies plus read a plethora of stories with similar premises, but regardless of its unoriginality this movie really did entertain me.

Jennifer Lawrence can seemingly do no wrong (a bit like Emma Stone in my eyes) and made for a wonderfully believable 'Katniss Everdeen', plus I like how un-Hollywood the film felt. It was gritty and brutal at times, and certainly left you wanting more.
Hunger Games bluray billboard
So that's my top five films of the year, what do you think?

Other movies I really enjoyed but didn't feel quite made the grade were Argo (which I thought was brilliantly made, but without one clear stand out performance that elevated the movie), Looper (which had a fantastically realised near-future world, but was overhyped and had a time-travel paradox plot I feel like I've seen a million times before) and Silver Linings Playbook (which had fantastic performances, but was just too intense a viewing experience to be called truly enjoyable).

Next year looks like it may have a number of cool movies to enjoy, but until then stay tuned for my five worst movies of 2012...

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