Monday, January 21, 2013

Seizing the moment on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day...

At his public swearing in ceremony today for his second term, President Obama told his fellow Americans to "seize the moment" and that's exactly what we did today by heading to Hendry's Beach in Santa Barbara for a glorious day out.

Labrador fun Hendrys Beach
This first photo sums up our visit to the fantastic off-leash dog beach perfectly, as we all had so much fun, but let's face it, this was our Labrador Cooper's day.
Labrador Cooper Hendrys Beach Santa Barbara
As you can see our 4 ½ year old pup loves running along the shoreline chasing tennis balls, it really is as simple as that.
Chasing balls Hendrys Beach Santa Barbara
This morning was especially great as it was low tide and we were able to walk what seemed like miles, throwing the ball and splashing through the waves.
Yellow Labrador Cooper Hendrys Beach
The lovely temperature and warming sunshine more than made up for the typically cold Pacific Ocean.
Hendrys Dog Beach fun
We'd planned to come to Hendry's Beach on New Year's Day, but fate and stomach flu intervened, so it was great to finally make our first official beach excursion of 2013.
Labrador Cooper Hendrys Dog Beach
I can't think of a better way of spending a day off than with my two boys.
Playing fetch Hendrys Dog Beach
Can you believe only a week or so ago it was freezing out and were were wearing loads of layers to take Cooper for his daily walks and warming ourselves by the fire when we got back in, now the weather has turned tropical.
Hendrys Dog Beach Santa Barbara
Back in the U.K. it's snowing, which is perfectly understandable as it is January after all. You really can't beat a Southern California winter.
Rolling in sand Hendrys Dog Beach
As you can see, Cooper couldn't care less about the weather, it's always a good time for a roll in the sand.
Hendrys Dog Beach fun
One thing's for certain, we'll have one tired boy tonight and probably he'll be stiff come morning (we're all getting older), so maybe a break from his daily Runyon Canyon hike is on order.
Labrador tennis ball obsession Hendrys Dog Beach
Today was a real tonic, and a welcome break from the crazy drivers of L.A., training for marathons, blogging, taking photos of billboards and costumes and cleaning the house.
Tired Labrador Hendrys Dog Beach
I'm sure it won't be too long before we're back to seize more moments in Santa Barbara.

Until then let's hope the sun continues to shine...

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